Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cast-away (wishful thinking)

So I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, with the bandage around my foot I was able to even step on it a little bit. Then I went to the doctor's and turns out my ankle is broken, so now I have to wear a cast for 6 weeks! The foot doesn't really hurt but I can't step on it at all which means I have to walk with crutches and my hands are really sore from that, plus it is pretty exhausting to jump on one leg all day. I can't do anything without asking for help which sucks and well...this whole situation sucks! Luckily (if all goes as planned) I'll get to take the cast of before we go to Florida!

Tomorrow I have no school (thank God) so I'm relaxing all afternoon but in the evening I'm going to Isa's for a little Halloween party.
Pretty in Pink?

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Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmm, wow sexy nice plastercast cool collor and i like your cute toes xo.