Monday, October 28, 2013

Brighton Rock

Thought I'd stop by to say hello, I know I've become terrible with posting but my life is pretty hectic at the moment (ok so last week I had a 'free' week from school but I didn't feel like blogging, sorry!)

Anyways last Friday some of my friends came over for a sleep over which was super fun! We ate some nachos and I baked mockarutor (kinda like brownies but with frosting. They're the thing you'd always find at a kids party and since the theme of the night was elementary sleepover so they were perfect!) then we watched the Steve Jobs movie which was long and pretty boring and talked about all sorts of serious and not-so-serious stuff until we fell asleep!
On Saturday I had my last work shift of this season, so after work I went to julle's to get ready, then we had dinner at Di Trevi, omnomnomn dat hamburger. Then back to the stadium where we got to drink for free, me likey! A couple of hours and we were off to meet my parents at Edison. I have to say my dad was the hero of the night, he fixed 4 of my friends in to Börs for free and he got rid of (with the help of Fanni) a really creepy guy who was saying awful things to every girl at the bar. Thank you daddy!
And today a new period started, I celebrated by reading 100 pages of Brighton Rock, the third novel... I really have to finish it by this week or I'll be totally behind in my reading!

BTW, Halloween is coming up and I have a super cool costume ;)
Sleepover//Brighton Rock with tea and blueberries//Workbuddies

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