Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Answering the Questiontime

Better late than never, right?

Anonymous asked...
     "How did you meet your boyfriend, tell us more about him"

Well, my dad was supposed to fight in the army but he was too old and weak so I disguised myself as a boy, I became one of the best soldiers in my team, I saved my country and the hot commander fell in love with me... Also that's the plot of Mulan and I don't have a boyfriend. ;)

Anonymous asked...
    "What has been the best & the worst in your university studies?"

I think the best thing is that you get to study the thing that interests you the most and (almost) nothing but that. Also I've met so many new people and there's always fun activities during the week and the weekend! The worst thing would maybe be that everything is quite new and you're put under a lot of stress and you don't get to see your other friends as much as you did before, we're all doing different stuff but we try to get together every week somehow :)

Anonymous asked...
    "If you had to choose something different to study, what would it be?"
Tough question, I did apply to Swedish and Finnish in ÅA as my plan-B but I don't think I would be that interested in studying those subjects. So maybe History or Journalism? But English was definitely my #1 option!

Anonymous asked...
   "What do you miss from your old school?"
The school and the studies I don't really miss but my group of friends and just having that familiar feeling you get after going to a school for 3 years! But all of that will of course come in time as well. My friend put it very well, she said up until now me and my friends have all lived the same life: Same friends, same school, same routine. Now it's all changed and it's very new and exciting!

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