Thursday, October 31, 2013

Cast-away (wishful thinking)

So I woke up this morning feeling a lot better, with the bandage around my foot I was able to even step on it a little bit. Then I went to the doctor's and turns out my ankle is broken, so now I have to wear a cast for 6 weeks! The foot doesn't really hurt but I can't step on it at all which means I have to walk with crutches and my hands are really sore from that, plus it is pretty exhausting to jump on one leg all day. I can't do anything without asking for help which sucks and well...this whole situation sucks! Luckily (if all goes as planned) I'll get to take the cast of before we go to Florida!

Tomorrow I have no school (thank God) so I'm relaxing all afternoon but in the evening I'm going to Isa's for a little Halloween party.
Pretty in Pink?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Temporarily crippled

So yesterday we had a game that didn't end well on anybodies behalf. First of all we lost and right in the beginning of the 2nd quarter I fell and twisted my ankle pretty badly. I just heard a 'snap' when I fell so I was pretty shocked an worried, luckily my dad was there so he knew what to do. Now I've been trying to put something cold on it, my dad went and got me crutches and tomorrow I'm going to see a doctor. Ugh I'm soooo frustrated, it seriously sucks not to be able to walk normally, my foot looks like a bloated 80-year-olds foot, it's seriously hard to walk with crutches AND the worst of all, I had a awesome Halloween costume that I was supposed to wear tomorrow to a party but now I can't go... Shit.

Ok I will be able to wear it at Isa's on Friday but I can't really go out to a bar to show everybody how awesome my costume is... but at least I get to spend a few hours with my friends so that I don't just have to stay at home :)

WARNING! Very ugly pictures of me foot ahead! Viewer discretion is advised!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Brighton Rock

Thought I'd stop by to say hello, I know I've become terrible with posting but my life is pretty hectic at the moment (ok so last week I had a 'free' week from school but I didn't feel like blogging, sorry!)

Anyways last Friday some of my friends came over for a sleep over which was super fun! We ate some nachos and I baked mockarutor (kinda like brownies but with frosting. They're the thing you'd always find at a kids party and since the theme of the night was elementary sleepover so they were perfect!) then we watched the Steve Jobs movie which was long and pretty boring and talked about all sorts of serious and not-so-serious stuff until we fell asleep!
On Saturday I had my last work shift of this season, so after work I went to julle's to get ready, then we had dinner at Di Trevi, omnomnomn dat hamburger. Then back to the stadium where we got to drink for free, me likey! A couple of hours and we were off to meet my parents at Edison. I have to say my dad was the hero of the night, he fixed 4 of my friends in to Börs for free and he got rid of (with the help of Fanni) a really creepy guy who was saying awful things to every girl at the bar. Thank you daddy!
And today a new period started, I celebrated by reading 100 pages of Brighton Rock, the third novel... I really have to finish it by this week or I'll be totally behind in my reading!

BTW, Halloween is coming up and I have a super cool costume ;)
Sleepover//Brighton Rock with tea and blueberries//Workbuddies

Thursday, October 24, 2013

One week recap

Well this post was supposed to be up a few days ago but I guess not... but I guess now you get a larger recap!

Yes it's been a while, I've been kinda busy and well...lazy! The high points of my week have been Saturday when I went out with some of my teammates, then on Sunday we had a girls night and watched Voice of Kids. Tuesday I slept over at Elin's and we ordered some pizza and watched a few movies, today I had a Finnish exam and later I have a game in forssa... that's about it! This weekend will packed, I have a sleepover planned with my girls, then on Saturday it's the last football game of the season, that means a little party...

Friday, October 18, 2013

Who is in your heart now?

Wow, sorry for the absence but this week has been crazy busy! I've been doing school stuff, I was at the Oktoberfest-sitz which was a lot of fun, yesterday I did my first ever exam (it was a take-home exam, thank god!) and it took me 7 hours to finish! Cray cray.
Anyways today I have a game and today was actually the last day of my first period in uni, I survived! Now I have a week off, planning to spend it catching up with some school work and hopefully seeing a lot of my friends!
I'm trying to upload my pictures on my computer but it's not working at the moment for some reason, but in the meanwhile some good music!

Monday, October 14, 2013


Good news: We won our game yesterday! I'm very proud of my team, we only have 7 players and we all have to work our asses of but we managed to win the first game of the season! Next game is on Friday, and the team we're playing against is really good and we only have 6 players so we'll see how that goes...
Today I've been to school, Oona, Rebecka and I worked on a task we have for Wednesday, I did some more school work for a few hours and went to practice. Also fixed my outfit for tomorrow, I'm going to an "Oktoberfest-sitz" so here's a sneak-peak of my outfit!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crazy Peeps

Yesterday was fun, a lot of people at the housewarming party I hadn't seen in a while. The after-party was at the Monkey and I was home at 3 I think. Today I've been helping my dad and grandma with fixing our backyard, I could do another post about that, or about our house in general! Soon I'm off to Elin's and Johanna's housewarming party, I'm taking the car though!

Pics from yesterday
Crazy peeps
Emppu & Robin


Just a few pics from my Iphone, I'll do another post about yesterdays party!

My lunch yesterday, yummy!//Doodles//3-hour is a MUST//Oona is very interested
Our frontyard is very...yellow

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's been a fairly busy week so far, yesterday I was completely exhausted for some reason, I was feeling a little bit ill so I just lay in my bed the whole day watching Breaking Bad, I did however get up to go to my practice. It was the last practice before our season starts on Sunday, I have to say I really don't know what to expect, we only have like 7 players in our team right now and we haven't even gotten the chance yet to play 5 against 5... I guess we'll see on Sunday!
Today I had a long day, a couple of hours of lectures, then a quick stop by the 'crazy days' at Hansa, found a knitted dress and a shirt, and back to school for a few more hours. Later I went to the movies with Isa and Emppu, we saw 'Lejonasydän' (transl. Lionheart) which is a movie about Finnish New-Nazis... very agonizing, very different from what I expected, I was thinking more of 'American History X' but it was very interesting and unfortunately racism is (in my opinion) something pretty common here.
Tomorrow I have another full day, lectures and a full day of info about the teaching line which I'm really excited about! And in the evening a Pub Quiz!
Still from the movie.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Avaisitko silmäni jos antautuisin täysin ja olisin sun

In lack of anything interesting to tell you, here's a finnish song from the band Neljä Ruusa, "Luotsivene", performed by Juha Tapio. I find it very beautiful!

Would you break my armor, would you open my eyes if I completely succumbed and became yours?
Would you walk with me if you knew all my weaknesses, I'm afraid to fall in love, even if I want to.

Sunday, October 6, 2013


On Friday I met up with Ansku and Sofie, we watched Vain Elämää (Finnish tv-show) and played a fun board game! Yesterday and today I've just been at home chillaxing, apart from when I went to work for a few hours. It's been pretty nice, but next week is definitely filled with activities. Pub Quiz, 2 housewarming parties and the start of basketball season!

Btw, I went to the flea-market the other day and I found this pillow for 7 e!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tell it to the world

Heyoo, just another Friday, trying to come up with what to do today! I definitely am going to the flea-market at some point, and I should also continue reading 1984...

Yesterday I was so bored I decided to fix a little decoration-piece for my room. I've been trying to find some cool poster or painting but I haven't found one, so I made one myself from old newspapers and nailpolish... It's just temporary but I thought it was kinda cool! And very easy/affordable :) Also in the picture 2 of my new necklaces!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Honey-yellow leafs

After school I went to Coffee House for some coffee (duh) with Rebecka and Oona, the weather right now is so nice, not too cold,not too warm, the sun is shining, the leafs are yellow... Ah, I love it!
I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend, except school stuff. Trying to come up with something creative to do, if you have any ideas please comment!! :)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Answering the Questiontime

Better late than never, right?

Anonymous asked...
     "How did you meet your boyfriend, tell us more about him"

Well, my dad was supposed to fight in the army but he was too old and weak so I disguised myself as a boy, I became one of the best soldiers in my team, I saved my country and the hot commander fell in love with me... Also that's the plot of Mulan and I don't have a boyfriend. ;)

Anonymous asked...
    "What has been the best & the worst in your university studies?"

I think the best thing is that you get to study the thing that interests you the most and (almost) nothing but that. Also I've met so many new people and there's always fun activities during the week and the weekend! The worst thing would maybe be that everything is quite new and you're put under a lot of stress and you don't get to see your other friends as much as you did before, we're all doing different stuff but we try to get together every week somehow :)

Anonymous asked...
    "If you had to choose something different to study, what would it be?"
Tough question, I did apply to Swedish and Finnish in ÅA as my plan-B but I don't think I would be that interested in studying those subjects. So maybe History or Journalism? But English was definitely my #1 option!

Anonymous asked...
   "What do you miss from your old school?"
The school and the studies I don't really miss but my group of friends and just having that familiar feeling you get after going to a school for 3 years! But all of that will of course come in time as well. My friend put it very well, she said up until now me and my friends have all lived the same life: Same friends, same school, same routine. Now it's all changed and it's very new and exciting!


Goodday! Looks like I'm getting the autumn-flu, been feeling a bit sick all week and today I was supposed to go to this Glow Party @ the Monkey (designated driver reporting for duty), but when I woke up my neck was really stiff and my throat was sore and now when I got home I was feeling kinda warm so I think it's better that I don't go (I know, me passing on a party is very rare, but it happens peeps!). Instead I'm gonna have a nice quiet evening at home with my mom and I'll probably get a visit from Emppu as well!
My new t-shirt from HM (5e)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weekend recap

Yeah so yesterday I was at school all day and when I got home I only had 1 hour before basketball started, and my weekend was hectic so this is why I'm so late with telling you about what I did!

On Saturday Essi came over, as soon as I picked her up we went to Ella's & Julle's, they had made us some lunch so we ate and talked for a while. Our old co-workers from Moominworld were coming over later that me and Essi spent all day buying and cooking food.

We had a yummy salad buffet for the girls and the we just talked and listened to good music. Later we continued the festivities in Amarillo, I have to say it's not really my scene anymore, I felt really old (and I'm only 19, hah!) and well, either it used to be a lot better or I'm just an old fart. I don't know :D

Me & Essi// Probably the worst drink I've ever had

On sunday I had work but in the evening I stepped by at J&E to watch BB and say goodbye to Essi!
In cade you were wondering how our glamorous workingplace looks like... there it is...yup.