Saturday, September 7, 2013

The best is yet to come

So yesterday some of my friends came over, I made them some (in my opinion at least) delicious salmon-creamcheese-rucola wraps and chips with homemade quacamole. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with what I accomplished! We were supposed to watch a movie but we ended up playing Alias and it was super fun! I had a really great night :) Then I had to stay up until 2 because I had to pick up my brother who had been to Helsinki to see the Finland-Spain soccer game.
Today I've been to a Love2Dance class at Elixia, it was ok, not my favorite. But then when I got back to my car I saw that I had gotten a parking ticket! I was super pissed 'cause I didn't notice that you had to put this slip to show which time you parked your car. So basically I didn't even do anything wrong, but still got fined 50 e... that sucks!
After that I drove to Ikea and bought a bookshelf. Loving the way my room looks right now :)
The bookshelf//I had this frame laying around so I just quickly put a little inspirational text there... I have to buy some kind of cool poster!


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