Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today I had just one lecture (I think I've already told you how chill my first period is, I end school at noon everyday except for Wednesday and I never start before 10 am, LOVE! (That all will change though, so I better enjoy it as long as I can...)) and after school I did a little shopping. Just bought this cool necklace, a memory-stick and a pink radio for my room, forgot to take pictures but I'll try to take some later this week!
After school went home and did some homework, I feel very accomplished (and apparently other people think I'm very efficient as well, at least I was told so today).
Me and my team went for a little run before practice, I usually hate running but the weather was nice and I had good company so it wasn't that bad. And now I'm eating blueberries & banana with vanilla yogurt, yum!

So all in all a very successful day! Tomorrow I'm going straight from school to work so no blogging!
Ps. Don't forget to answer my "Questions-post"!
Here's a funny picture for you, the ones I took this morning while waiting for the bus were AWFUL, I look like I'm half asleep... tell me why I'm tired in the morning even though I get to sleep in??

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