Friday, September 27, 2013

Mardi Gras

Yesterday I dragged my ass to work (no, work is fun, what isn't fun is being in a kiosk with no heating for 3 hours when it's 6 degrees outside), but after work my weekend kicked off. First we met a really nice family who were making pancakes outside of the stadium, so they convinced us to buy some pancakes (or actually they were 'Muurinpohjalettuja', I really have no clue what that is in English but they're delicious!) and some warm juice. We walked to Fanni's apartment, which btw is soooooo cool, I could've instantly moved in. After talking and drinking we headed off to the Monkey, where they had a Mardi Gras party. It was kinda quiet at first but in the end of the evening more people came. I spent most of my time on the dance-floor with Isa, and I also went home with her. She treated me so well as her guest, thank you honey!
Now I'm at home, just finished with a task I had due today and I still have to clean a bit since Essi is coming here tomorrow, and all my old co-workers from Moominworld!
My outfit yesterday

Fanni is happy when she gets pancakes

Fanni's flat// Me & Fanjba!

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