Friday, September 13, 2013


I've had too awesome nights behind me, seriously been smiling all the way through! On Wednesday we had an event called 'gulisakademi', basically all the different student unions had their own station where you could buy badges for your overall (I'll show the ones I got/bought in another post) and become a member and so on.... It was soooo hot because of all the people, I was sweating like a pig! After that we went to Julle's and Ella's for some pre-party, Isa and Cristel were there as well and a lot of Julle's psychology classmates. At approximately 9.30 we started making our way to The Monkey, where they had a Back to School party, we wanted to get in early because the first 100 would get a free badge, BUT the line was super long when we came so we were pretty sure we wouldn't get badges. BUT then there was a girl in our group who got us in through the VIP door so I got a badge and I was super happy :D Then some drinks and dancing, I had a blast!

Yesterday we had what is called "gulisintagning". Basically all the first year students go through different stations hosted by older students and have to do different tasks. You hear all sorts of horrorstories about having to do awful stuff and having to drink whole bottles of vodka and so but that was definitely not the case, I had a awesome time! We started of at Arken where we got plastic bags to wear and our faces were painted yellow (gulis or gulnäbb is what the first year students are called, it means chick, hence the yellow). Then we all had to stand in a long line, we all got a schnapps, sang Helan går, and were divided into random groups. My group was the best, we got almost full points from every station (except the first one, which was the French students station, we broke the holy baguette so some point were drawn...). Some other stations included body-pictionary (with a permanent marker), impro-theater, some disgusting shots and mega beer-pong! My group was so good that we in fact came in second place in the whole competition! Then we got some pizza and beer and I once again ended up in Monkey. Fun fun fun!

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