Monday, September 30, 2013


My weekend has been super busy and so has this Monday so I'll update more tomorrow, all I want to do right now is eat frozen strawberries and watch Saturday Night Live! Kisses!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Guess who's here?


Friday, September 27, 2013

Mardi Gras

Yesterday I dragged my ass to work (no, work is fun, what isn't fun is being in a kiosk with no heating for 3 hours when it's 6 degrees outside), but after work my weekend kicked off. First we met a really nice family who were making pancakes outside of the stadium, so they convinced us to buy some pancakes (or actually they were 'Muurinpohjalettuja', I really have no clue what that is in English but they're delicious!) and some warm juice. We walked to Fanni's apartment, which btw is soooooo cool, I could've instantly moved in. After talking and drinking we headed off to the Monkey, where they had a Mardi Gras party. It was kinda quiet at first but in the end of the evening more people came. I spent most of my time on the dance-floor with Isa, and I also went home with her. She treated me so well as her guest, thank you honey!
Now I'm at home, just finished with a task I had due today and I still have to clean a bit since Essi is coming here tomorrow, and all my old co-workers from Moominworld!
My outfit yesterday

Fanni is happy when she gets pancakes

Fanni's flat// Me & Fanjba!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fly like a bird

OOTD//My new lecklace from Gina Tricot

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Today I had just one lecture (I think I've already told you how chill my first period is, I end school at noon everyday except for Wednesday and I never start before 10 am, LOVE! (That all will change though, so I better enjoy it as long as I can...)) and after school I did a little shopping. Just bought this cool necklace, a memory-stick and a pink radio for my room, forgot to take pictures but I'll try to take some later this week!
After school went home and did some homework, I feel very accomplished (and apparently other people think I'm very efficient as well, at least I was told so today).
Me and my team went for a little run before practice, I usually hate running but the weather was nice and I had good company so it wasn't that bad. And now I'm eating blueberries & banana with vanilla yogurt, yum!

So all in all a very successful day! Tomorrow I'm going straight from school to work so no blogging!
Ps. Don't forget to answer my "Questions-post"!
Here's a funny picture for you, the ones I took this morning while waiting for the bus were AWFUL, I look like I'm half asleep... tell me why I'm tired in the morning even though I get to sleep in??

Monday, September 23, 2013

I was cured all right

Gotta love Mondays huh? Mine wasn't actually bad at all, I didn't mind the rain and after coming home from Uni and doing this task for Wednesday (took me like an hour or so) Sakke & Klaara (our old neighbors) came over for a visit. We played with cars and stuffed animals and drew, it was actually quite nice!

Also after my practice I finished A Clockwork Orange (really good book, specially if you like 'darker' books) and tomorrow I am starting on Nineteen Eighty-Four!
Hard working student//Sakarias is always cheery!

My masterpiece drawing// Klaara is a real princess!

Late Night Confessions

The sound of rain during the night soothes me.
I sleep with my window open, I have to sleep in a chilled room.
I could watch How I Met Your Mother all day long.
I like spending time by myself.
Life has changed dramatically this fall.
I like it but at the same time I wish I could relive some moments from the past.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My weekend in pictures

My Saturday started of at home, when my mom's co-workers came over for kräftskiva.

Dinner at Kerttyu with my girls, they had sweet potato fries, my all time favorite!

After a little pre-partying at MarttiPirtti recidence we headed to Borgen. Crazy fun night, I think I was home at approximately 4.30 in the morning... or later

I could definitely tell that we had partied to the max yesterday, my Sunday was spent laying on the couch. Had some yummy fresh fruit and also got a little souvenir from my grandma who had been to Rhodos for two weeks. Oh how I miss Rhodos, take me back NOW!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

The 21st

So the week has once again flown by so quickly, Wednesday was a very long day, Thursday I had my second sitz, a lot of fun but me and some others decided it was best to leave as soon as soon at it was over, because yesterday I had this 'Teacher Qualification Exam' (I guess you can call it that) so I wanted to give a good impression of myself, and I think I did! And also I met up with Kata who I haven't seen in a month, as soon as I saw her it felt like she hadn't even left!

Today I'm hanging out with my friends, where and when is still a big questionmark but we're getting there...
Me two days ago// HUMF street art

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

You're in the army now

Yesterday was my first ever sitz and I have to say it was a success, the theme was "bootcamp" and the night was spent singing and getting to know each other and some more singing. Also me and a few others decided to go to a place called Nya Sode and finding our way there was an adventure in itself! I have to say it was a pretty random night but I had a lot of fun. Something that wasn't fun was waking up in the morning after 4 hours of sleep...
And also happiness for me right now is laying in my bed watching a new episode of New Girl! Kisses everybody, sleep tight (I know I will!)
Army gurlz//Apparently Rebecka is Chuck Norris which is AWESOME!

Monday, September 16, 2013

When in doubt have a "Question Time"!

Well it's always a bit more quiet here during the week, today I had one lesson and a after lunch, me and some other's fixed this 'little' assignment that took us quite a while. Then I went to Elixia for an hour or so, had a salad at Naantalin Aurinkoinen, I really recommend going there, you had a lot of options to choose from to make your salad and it wasn't even that expensive! Then work, then home.
Tomorrow I have my first ever sitz and I'm super-duper excited! For those of you who don't know what it is, basically you get together, have some food, sing schnapps-songs (and drink them too ofcourse) and just mingle with people you don't know! The theme for this sitz is 'Bootcamp' and i'll try to get a picture of my finished look tomorrow!

But now in the meantime, I'd like to ask you to ask me anything! Or just you know, comment whatever comes in mind!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Sunday is Funday

Today I've been chilling with my lovely ladies Emilia and Cristel. It's so strange that yet another week has passed by and soon I've studied at ÅA for a month! Today I've also been arranging some school errands, have a lot of very serious questions to answer for a test I have this Friday so I want to take my time with them and construct my answers well!

Ps. I am actually looking forward to the weather getting colder, yesterday I wore shorts when I went to the store. That's not normal for mid-September, not in Finland anyways!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Iced Mocha

Yesterday after work (and oh work was soo much fun, it's been a while since the group from Kiosk nr 1 have been together but today we were and once again we came to the conclusion that we are absolutely insane) I went to RHC to meet up with some people from English and to celebrate Elin, HBD! We got her these cool shot-glasses that had drinking quotes said by different known English writers and poets (you know, so that even on her free time she wouldn't forget the subject she's studying). I was with the car and pretty tired after not getting that much sleep so I went home after a couple of hours.

Today I stayed at home, cooked, washed dishes and clothes (stay at home mom over here!) and also dyed my hair! The blonde just made my tops really dry and I felt like going darker for fall. And I absolutely love it! The later me and mom rented out Silver Linings Playbook, it's the seconf time I've seen it but I have to say I really do like it, it's kinda weird and crazy but that's the whole point!
My hair//My lemon-liqourice-vanilla ice-cream with blueberries

Friday, September 13, 2013


Here are the pics of all the badges I have so far, now I just have to get my overalls. Today I have work and then I'm stopping by RHC to celebrate Elin a little bit (Me and Oona got her a little present and I seriously want it for myself... I don't know if I should go and bye the same thing for myself XD)
Me yesterday// My badges!


I've had too awesome nights behind me, seriously been smiling all the way through! On Wednesday we had an event called 'gulisakademi', basically all the different student unions had their own station where you could buy badges for your overall (I'll show the ones I got/bought in another post) and become a member and so on.... It was soooo hot because of all the people, I was sweating like a pig! After that we went to Julle's and Ella's for some pre-party, Isa and Cristel were there as well and a lot of Julle's psychology classmates. At approximately 9.30 we started making our way to The Monkey, where they had a Back to School party, we wanted to get in early because the first 100 would get a free badge, BUT the line was super long when we came so we were pretty sure we wouldn't get badges. BUT then there was a girl in our group who got us in through the VIP door so I got a badge and I was super happy :D Then some drinks and dancing, I had a blast!

Yesterday we had what is called "gulisintagning". Basically all the first year students go through different stations hosted by older students and have to do different tasks. You hear all sorts of horrorstories about having to do awful stuff and having to drink whole bottles of vodka and so but that was definitely not the case, I had a awesome time! We started of at Arken where we got plastic bags to wear and our faces were painted yellow (gulis or gulnäbb is what the first year students are called, it means chick, hence the yellow). Then we all had to stand in a long line, we all got a schnapps, sang Helan går, and were divided into random groups. My group was the best, we got almost full points from every station (except the first one, which was the French students station, we broke the holy baguette so some point were drawn...). Some other stations included body-pictionary (with a permanent marker), impro-theater, some disgusting shots and mega beer-pong! My group was so good that we in fact came in second place in the whole competition! Then we got some pizza and beer and I once again ended up in Monkey. Fun fun fun!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday, September 9, 2013

A Clockwork Orange

Just a quick picture of today: Rye-bread with avocado, Strawberry-nectarine fruitie and Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange. With this book I'll commence my reading of "books-that-I-haven't-read-but-probably-should've-read"... Yeah I'm taking this course where you have to read 5 novels from the 20th century and other books on my list are The Great Gatsby, Brighton Rock and 1984.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

What does the fox say?

So it became 2 night in a row of Alias for me this weekend, #partyhard. No we had a nice family night yesterday, I was paired with my brother and I wouldn't really say he's the best at Alias. He tried explaining the word amputation by saying: "When you break your leg, you have to do this"... I don't think he knew what amputation meant.
And we also we made some campfire smores, yum!
Today I'm just chilling, doing homework. Also I absolutely have to share this really weird music video... I mean, what does the fox say?

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The best is yet to come

So yesterday some of my friends came over, I made them some (in my opinion at least) delicious salmon-creamcheese-rucola wraps and chips with homemade quacamole. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with what I accomplished! We were supposed to watch a movie but we ended up playing Alias and it was super fun! I had a really great night :) Then I had to stay up until 2 because I had to pick up my brother who had been to Helsinki to see the Finland-Spain soccer game.
Today I've been to a Love2Dance class at Elixia, it was ok, not my favorite. But then when I got back to my car I saw that I had gotten a parking ticket! I was super pissed 'cause I didn't notice that you had to put this slip to show which time you parked your car. So basically I didn't even do anything wrong, but still got fined 50 e... that sucks!
After that I drove to Ikea and bought a bookshelf. Loving the way my room looks right now :)
The bookshelf//I had this frame laying around so I just quickly put a little inspirational text there... I have to buy some kind of cool poster!


Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to school

So the week has flown by pretty quickly, the first lectures and tasks have been pretty interesting and I'm really pumped. You know what the best feeling is? Last year this time everything was so uncertain; you weren't sure how your finals would go, where you would apply and if you'd get in. But now I know what I'll be doing for the next 5 years (feels like an eternity), It's very soothing in a way!
Anyways on Wednesday we had another game night with the English students and after that some of us went to Börs where they had a Back to School party. And yesterday a lot of freshmen (gulisar in Swedish) gathered at F and we basically sat there for at least 4 hours! Then we thought about going somewhere else but we just ended up sitting at Hesburger for like an hour talking. The great thing about these nights is that you really get to meet new people, normally when you go out to a club you'll be dancing and hanging with your friends but people don't really go and talk to strangers. But yesterday I had some really random and weird conversations with a lot of people.
Today my friends are coming over to watch a movie and I thought I'd prepare something good to eat as well... we'll see what I come up with!
Ps. I'm loving this no school on Friday's thing!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Words they always win, but I know I'll lose

I had a late class today so I got to sleep in (again, hehe). The first thing I did when arriving to Arken (the building where nearly all my classes are) was to buy that 3000-page book. The pages are as thin as in the bible so you can imagine how much context there is! But I've just finished my first task, and it only took me like an hour XD But I wanted to be sure that I understood every part of the text. Good student over here!
Tomorrow we have this 'game-night' planned and some of the older English-students should come too, and after that there's a huge Back to School party at Börs which we thought we would check out. Can't stay out too late though, I have school on Thursday...
(ps. I realize I've only but pictures of my outfit and books/notes, I'll try not to make a habit out of it)
(pps. Check out the song - - beautiful.)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Saved by the bell

First real day in uni is done! I was so nervous I would be late since the traffic was horrible this morning, it took me 30 minutes just to get from one block to another. Luckily we have a thing called Academic quarter which means that classes start a quarter past, even though the schedule says the start at e.g 9.00. So I wasn't late. We met the professors and lecturers and then my first 'class' Tools for the study of English began. It seemed very interesting and I'm really looking forward to this semester! The thing I'm not looking forward to is buying a 3000-page book for 45 euros... it's the price you have to pay!
One thing that we were also informed about was that as a 'gift' of studying hard this semester we'll get to go to Edinburgh for 3 weeks in the end of May! And ÅA pays for the trip! HOW COOL IS THAT! It's a really good motivator for this semester!
All in all I have a pretty chill first period (and year as well), I never have any lectures on Fridays (3-day weekend!) and I never start before 9 o'clock. Sure, I have a lot of self-studies but I'm really looking forward to reading all of those classics that you probably should read once in a lifetime!
My notebook// I went shopping with julle after uni, just bought some underwear and a few shirts from the flea-market. Sorry for only posting boring IPhone pics but hey, it's better than nothing, right?

Sunday, September 1, 2013

This is us

It's been quiet here this weekends, I've been kinda busy. The picnic was super fun, I got to meet some more new people (I swear I don't remember half of their name's anymore) and later on I got to meet up with my 'old' friends for some catching up! Friday we had this Beer-night for the freshmen, at first it was a bit awkward but as the night went on I got to know a few more new faces and also bond some more with the people in the class. We were all keen on going out somewhere afterwards but since me and a few others aren't 20 yet (and there are only a few nightclubs that we're allowed to enter) we just went to RHC to chill for a few hours. But next weekend I definitely want to go somewhere and dance!
Yesterday I had work and then it was ment for me and my mom to go to the movies BUT
she ditched me and went out with her friends instead! Ok, it was fine, I was really tired anyways after a week full of new information and new people so I stayed in bed and watched tv. A quiet evening at home is sometimes just what you need!
Today I've managed to go to the gym with my mom and then I was desperately trying to get my friends to come and see the new 1D movie (without success, Kata would've totally wanted to go but she lives in Vasa now...). Luckily I bribed got Emppu to come with me. I think it goes without saying that I loved it. Go and see it, even if you're not a fan!