Saturday, August 24, 2013

we're burning one hell of a something

Yesterday (after waking up late, again... I seriously have to start getting used to waking up early since school starts on Monday!) I jogged to Mylly first, had to stop a few times though, my legs hurt in the strangest places. Bought some hairspray ect. and theses shoes from DinSko. I've been looking at them before but now they were only 10 euros so I had to buy them. I think they're really cool but the other shoe is the sample which means the one that is new is still a bit small... just have to walk them in!
Then I met up with Cristel who has returned from her trip to Spain, I seriously envy her tan! We chilled at Henny's, took a walk around town and then went chilling to Ella's. Later me and Ella went to Aussie Bar for a few and talked about the future. I had a really really really nice evening!
Also looking forward to tonight, but still a bit sad 'cause we're saying "goodbye" to Kata who's moving to Vasa... Byyyäääh, I don't want her to go, she's one of my dearest friends, but of course I'm really happy for her and proud of her! I think there might be some tears tonight...
Me yesterday with ma new shoes//Chilling at Ella's

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