Monday, August 19, 2013


So yesterday was our last day in Helsinki, but we decided not to hurry our departure, so we walked around in the center, shopped, had some good lunch and finally we were so tired so we basically sat in Wayne's Coffee for two hours. I miss Wayne's coffee, they used to have it here in Turku but they don't anymore. Anyways, the frappe I had was heavenly. Then to the train and home!
Oh and I bought pants, a t shirt, a blouse and a new bag for school. It was kinda expensive but I just had to have it! (Plus it's for school so...)
Today I've been chilling, watching Orange is the new black on Netflix, since I've heard from many that it's a good show. And it is, I recommend it!

We met this finnish reality star and Emppu just HAD to take a picture with him...

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