Friday, August 23, 2013

say I'm a bird

Today I woke up at julle's and then we headed of into the rain to meet up with our friends Stina, she's moving to Helsinki and it was kind of a funny coincidence that we met up with her. But I'm glad we did, since we probably wouldn't have seen her before she went otherwise and besides, the food was delicious, Indian food, yum!
Then I biked home and just chilled for a few hours, and in the evening I met up with Emppu, Isa and Ella in town. We had some coffee and decided to go and watch the Notebook (how girly of us) at Ella's. So all in all a very successful day, wondering what I'll come up with tomorrow...
Wore my new pants that I bought while in Helsinki, they were like 10 bucks and i LOVE them!

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