Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moomin Lollipop

Friday we had a little party at home for some friends (my parents mostly). The food was super delish and it was quite nice but me and Nadya went to bed pretty "early", the crowd was a bit older so :P

Saturday it was Ella's BDay, so we went to Mylly and got her a present (it was toilet paper rolls, I know, really fancy. But hey, she's not living at home anymore and toilet paper is vital, right?). We started out at her place, then had margaritas at Papu and then just chilled at RHC :)

Sunday I went straight from work to Julle's and Ella's where the festivities started. I had a really really really good time in Forte (that I'm now paying for with a terrible flu).

Yesterday I basically just cuddled by the sofa and felt sick, but today I'm a lot better so we had some lunch at Niska and did a little bit of shopping. Emppu came over here with Moomin lollipops and we are sosososo excited over Weekend Festival this weekend, it's gunna be EPIC!

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