Friday, August 2, 2013


So right after my last hours of work I drove home, took my things and I was off to Kata's. Me and her had a really nice night dancing and talking and laughing! The next day I finally got to sunbathe for a while (styill hopeful I'll get that tan this summer!) and then I went home to clan my room, Also went for a short run with my mom and aunt (ended short because my "running" shoes suck, my feet hurt so much I had to turn around and compensate with some situps and pushups instead)
In the evening we had a devine dinner with some avocado-chicken wraps and then I drove to see Ella's and Julle's first apartment, it was really nice! And today my lovely cousin will arrive so I'm tagging along to pick her up!
Haha see in the picture how color-coordinated me and my grandma were yesterday? :D

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