Thursday, August 29, 2013

No time to explain (just a little)

So my days are pretty scheduled, yesterday after lectures I hurried back home (one of the downsides with not living in the city is that travelling back and forth is time consuming, at least 30 min goes to bus rides) 'cause we had planned to meet up with my group at Bar Bremer. There we once again took turns to say something about ourselves and then we started playing this game that was basically like Trivial pursuit, but all the questions were school related so basically everyone should've known them. This made everyone pretty nervous since you don't want to look stupid in front of a room full of (almost) strangers. But guess what? My team won! Yup, that was pretty awesome. Later some of us went to RHC but didn't stay long since it closed.
Today we have a picnic planned, where a lot of people from other faculties will be too. And later we thought we'd take a swing by Aussie bar. Tomorrow we have our first official at the 'secret' party location F which I'm really looking forward to!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Där himlen är fylld av sorg

In love with this song, completely!

Big decisions

Day two was even more info and papers and decisions to keep thinking about. I'm pretty positive that I will choose the teaching line, which means that by the end of my studies I'll be an English teacher. We'll see how it goes, it's just kinda freaky that by the end of this week I'll have to decide what I'll be studying for the next 5 years. Scary grown-up decisions! But teaching has been something I've been thinking of so that's the direction I'm leaning towards. The other option would be economics and I've never really had any interest to that, plus I'm pretty clueless about the financial world.
After school (my teacher told us not to call it 'school' since it's a university, I don't think you mind though!) I had to walk to the bus station to get my card replaced with a new one. Then home, practice, home and I just ordered my student card.
Oh and I was watching the VMA's last night, Timberlake and Macklemore KILLED it! Miley on the other hand, that was just trashy. And why does she have to stick out her tongue all the time? Stop trying to make 'stick out your tongue' happen, it's not gonna happen!
The pic I chose for my student card// Miley vs Jimmy

Monday, August 26, 2013


First day of university behind me, very new and very interesting. I have one girl, Oona, who I know from my "class" so it's nice having someone to chat too, although I did briefly speak to some of the others. This week will be more about getting to know how everything works and so on. I'm very excited! AND my dad's team won for the first time in a looong time. Happy!
Hehe me today XD

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Another exciting thing that happened yesterday was this dog and OMGICANTIWANTITIT'SSOCUTE!!! yeah so I was pretty much in love with this puppy, it's my cousins and it's seriously the smallest dog I've ever seen. So adorable!
Luna was so scared when she first came but then she started playing with us!

Ready to study

Soo yesterday we said our "goodbyes" to Kata, it didn't feel like she's going away at all, I'm still in that mode where she lives 10 minutes from my house and we see each other almost every day... But luckily she'll come home often and we promised to go and see her flat asap!
After chilling at Kata's me and a few others went out, I had a really nice time since I got to see a lot of friends from school. It's so weird, I've gone to school with the same people for about 12 years and tomorrow I'll meet so many new people... Scary but exciting!
Yesterday with ma ladies

Had a good hairday yesterday//My new schoolbag and a cute journal from IKEA

Saturday, August 24, 2013

light it up, like we're the stars of the human race

^Going to this chica's house later today vThis song is stuck on repeat in my head

we're burning one hell of a something

Yesterday (after waking up late, again... I seriously have to start getting used to waking up early since school starts on Monday!) I jogged to Mylly first, had to stop a few times though, my legs hurt in the strangest places. Bought some hairspray ect. and theses shoes from DinSko. I've been looking at them before but now they were only 10 euros so I had to buy them. I think they're really cool but the other shoe is the sample which means the one that is new is still a bit small... just have to walk them in!
Then I met up with Cristel who has returned from her trip to Spain, I seriously envy her tan! We chilled at Henny's, took a walk around town and then went chilling to Ella's. Later me and Ella went to Aussie Bar for a few and talked about the future. I had a really really really nice evening!
Also looking forward to tonight, but still a bit sad 'cause we're saying "goodbye" to Kata who's moving to Vasa... Byyyäääh, I don't want her to go, she's one of my dearest friends, but of course I'm really happy for her and proud of her! I think there might be some tears tonight...
Me yesterday with ma new shoes//Chilling at Ella's

Friday, August 23, 2013

say I'm a bird

Today I woke up at julle's and then we headed of into the rain to meet up with our friends Stina, she's moving to Helsinki and it was kind of a funny coincidence that we met up with her. But I'm glad we did, since we probably wouldn't have seen her before she went otherwise and besides, the food was delicious, Indian food, yum!
Then I biked home and just chilled for a few hours, and in the evening I met up with Emppu, Isa and Ella in town. We had some coffee and decided to go and watch the Notebook (how girly of us) at Ella's. So all in all a very successful day, wondering what I'll come up with tomorrow...
Wore my new pants that I bought while in Helsinki, they were like 10 bucks and i LOVE them!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Unfortunate salad

Good morning (afternoon) people! I'm enjoyibg my last days of holiday right now, after waking up I rode my bike to the city to meet up with julle. We decided to have lunch at Blanco, unfortunately the salad we had was probably the worst thing I've ever ordered at a restaurant, so we ended up pretty much not eating it at all! So now we're at this taco place, I'm not that hungry so I'm just watching julle eat. Soon I'm off to my old school to watch julle teach the second graders dance gammeldans and then we have some time to kill before we have our movie night with the girls... BIG LOVE! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kiittäen//Ett stort tack

I've been very productive today, as soon as I woke up I payed some bills and fixed a few errands for school, then julle came here to chill (and we worked on a secret project that I'll tell you about later). I vacuumed the whole house and I just finished with ordering my "thank you"- cards for my graduation. I know, I'm pretty late but better late than never, right?
Today I still have practice and tomorrow I'll be spending the day with my friends which I'm really looking forward too, since it's the last week before we all go to different schools!
//I chose the one on the right, what do you think?//

Monday, August 19, 2013


So yesterday was our last day in Helsinki, but we decided not to hurry our departure, so we walked around in the center, shopped, had some good lunch and finally we were so tired so we basically sat in Wayne's Coffee for two hours. I miss Wayne's coffee, they used to have it here in Turku but they don't anymore. Anyways, the frappe I had was heavenly. Then to the train and home!
Oh and I bought pants, a t shirt, a blouse and a new bag for school. It was kinda expensive but I just had to have it! (Plus it's for school so...)
Today I've been chilling, watching Orange is the new black on Netflix, since I've heard from many that it's a good show. And it is, I recommend it!

We met this finnish reality star and Emppu just HAD to take a picture with him...

Sunday, August 18, 2013

WKND Saturday

On Saturday we slept in, I felt like I was in The Holiday when Kate Winslet sleeps in the LA apartment and she shuts the drapes and it's completely dark. Then we were supposed the go to this chinese place that was right next to our hotel, but it was closed. So we walked to itä-pasila and found a place, it was kinda like a bar/chinese restaurant which was weird but the food was good! Got ready, met some guys at our hotel who danced Gentleman with us and finally took the taxi to the festival. There we met Hannes and Vincent who we pretty much spent the rest of the night with. Ingrosso was sick and I had such a great time with my friends!

WKND Friday

Three awesome days behind me, this is a good way to end the summer!
 Friday we arrived at the hotel, great location and very well organized, started getting ready in the hotelroom, started making our way to the festival... It's weird that we got there in less than an hour, both of us really don't know the Helsinki area well but we managed to find our way somehow! After looking around in the are for a while we finally found Hannis! Then it was music and dancing all night long, crowned with Calvin Harris... EPIC! I would also like to take this moment to remember someone we lost during this trip, that is the towel that Redrama threw in the crowd. After fighting for it during the whole last song, Emppu finaly got it. It was a moment of sweet victory, unfortunately the white towel was taken away when room serive cleaned our room. Tragic, just tragic!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Renewed & Improved

I thought the blog needed a bit of a face lift (I certainly need some motivation to keep up with the writing). Not completely satisfied with the header so I might change it at some point. The day after omorrow the last one of the Americans is leaving, it was nice seeing my family once again and I'll miss them, but I'm loving getting my bed back to myself (I think Nadya will agree!)
Today was chill, driving Tessa to the earport, Bagels for lunch, panini for dinner, work and then home after 5 hours at the cold & rainy stadium. Tomorrow we chill. I love not having to go to school yet, but I miss the routine and the people I won't be seeing so often anymore...
Me and Nadya, just a few odd years ago...

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moomin Lollipop

Friday we had a little party at home for some friends (my parents mostly). The food was super delish and it was quite nice but me and Nadya went to bed pretty "early", the crowd was a bit older so :P

Saturday it was Ella's BDay, so we went to Mylly and got her a present (it was toilet paper rolls, I know, really fancy. But hey, she's not living at home anymore and toilet paper is vital, right?). We started out at her place, then had margaritas at Papu and then just chilled at RHC :)

Sunday I went straight from work to Julle's and Ella's where the festivities started. I had a really really really good time in Forte (that I'm now paying for with a terrible flu).

Yesterday I basically just cuddled by the sofa and felt sick, but today I'm a lot better so we had some lunch at Niska and did a little bit of shopping. Emppu came over here with Moomin lollipops and we are sosososo excited over Weekend Festival this weekend, it's gunna be EPIC!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Last few days...

So it's been pretty hectic, while we have the guests over we've been trying to do as much as possible! So we've gone out to eat at Pub Niska (yum!) and Yoki (yum!), been to the movies (Now you see me, great!), been shopping, work and some nights out in the town. Today we have a party at home and tomorrow we're celebrating Ella's birthday. And I've finally booked a hotel for me and Emppu to stay at while we're at the Weekend Festival in Helsinki. Excited!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wish that I could stay forever this young, not afraid to close my eyes

Yes yes I told you the blogging would improve but I'be been busy busy busy! So Nadya is now here and we wasted no time going out. On Saturday we started out at Julle's and Ella's new flat which is really cool, and then we met our other friends at the monkey. I had a really really good time, I hope everybody else did as well!
On Sunday we shopped and in the evening had dinner it Pub Niska, the pizza was heavenly!
And yesterday I was out in the sun (ready to get that tan I've been missing out on this summer), went to the gym with my new shoes and went to work. Today's plans I'm still unsure of, the weather is looking good so tanning is probably on the list!

Friday, August 2, 2013


So I'm in the car, we just picked up my cousin from the airport! So happy she's here, I've missed her! And also got some starbucks ( my cousin thinks it's crazy that we only have one starbucks on finland) :D


So right after my last hours of work I drove home, took my things and I was off to Kata's. Me and her had a really nice night dancing and talking and laughing! The next day I finally got to sunbathe for a while (styill hopeful I'll get that tan this summer!) and then I went home to clan my room, Also went for a short run with my mom and aunt (ended short because my "running" shoes suck, my feet hurt so much I had to turn around and compensate with some situps and pushups instead)
In the evening we had a devine dinner with some avocado-chicken wraps and then I drove to see Ella's and Julle's first apartment, it was really nice! And today my lovely cousin will arrive so I'm tagging along to pick her up!
Haha see in the picture how color-coordinated me and my grandma were yesterday? :D