Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My summer is just about to start

I know this blog has been pretty dead this summer, of course due to me always working (seriously, I've gotten so tired of people complaining about being at work, well, at least you get 2-3 days off in one week, I had MAX 1 day off and then 7-9 days of work, at one point I was working for nearly 3 weeks straight!) So it's pretty obvious that I've been very tired and haven't gotten to do as much as I would've wanted this summer BUT... tomorrow it all ends! That's right, my last day of work tomorrow, hallelujah! I feel so relaxed already, knowing that I have 3 full weeks to get to do everything I've missed this summer, starting with going out with Kata tomorrow and then seeing my c
ousin! Can't wait!

Today after work I met up with Isa, Cristel and Emppu and we had dinner at Uusi Kilta in Naantali, it was really delicious. Now I'm just pampering myself a little with a clay mask, painting my nails and watching Skins. Have a WONDERFUL summer everybody, I know mine is just about to start!

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