Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bling Ring

It's been a good start of the week!
On Monday I had work, but after that I went to Cristel's. We had a pretty spontaneous evening, making some nachos and watching a movie. I ended up staying there for the night.
Tuesday I had the day off from work, went to the flea-market and found some stuff (dress, leggings, shorts, sweater and earrings, score!). It was so nice to just eat at home, 'cause I've basically had the same food for dinner all summer! In the evening I went to see the Bling Ring with some friends, I thought it was pretty interesting, maybe not the best movie but I'm intrigued about films based on true events so I liked it. And today it was back to work, exactly 2 weeks and I have three weeks of vacay before school starts!
And I have to jam a lot into those 3 weeks, maybe a festival and even a trip abroad? We'll see!
New Bikini and jacket I bought/ Me going to the movies/ Creepy mask at the thrift shop/ I MET ONE DIRECTION (nope, just a cut-out sign at the cinema)

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