Sunday, June 9, 2013

Push Play

I've been super busy with work and everything else for the last 4 days so hence the non-blogging. Anyways, here's a short recap:
Thursday: Went to Samppalinna to get some sun with Ella, after that I hung out in the town center by myslef, bought a new perfume (Ralph Lauren's Big Pony 4) and some other small stuff. In the evening me and my mom went to Mylly and bought ourselves new IPhones! Yessss!
Friday: Work, after work trying to get the new phone to work... without success. New neighbors came for dinner.
Saturday: Work, still trying to get the phone fixed and we finally did. In the evening went to julle's to chill at first and then headed to town. I was with the car so I took it easy. Later I met up with my friend Saara who turned 20 and we spent the night in Monkey.
Sunday: S U P E R tired in the morning, headed to work. Now at home, fixing some music and this blog entry :)

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Ansku said...

UUUUU! me likey the new phone case :)