Monday, June 17, 2013

Älä vaa sano et oot Porista

My night couldn't have been more perfect! I had so much fun, thank you girls! We started of at Red Hot Chili's which closed fairly early, then we headed to Forte. After some drinks we found our self on the dancefloor cheering emppu when she totally owned 5 dudes in a dance battle. OMG it was epic, I was laughing and cheering and so was everybody else (Meri, you were pretty good too :P).
We danced all night and then headed to Torihese for some late night food where we met this Finnish Hockeyplayer (The title was the first thing Emppu said to the guy, it means "Don't you dare say that you're from Pori... then he was like "Well I just won the Finnish National Hockey Championship with Porin Ässät... oops) . I was home at about 5.30 and have slept like for 5 hours but it's all good, I just enjoyed myself so much :)

Today I have to clean the house since some of my friends are coming here to look at the house and I'm making them some good food.

Ps. Yesterday when I got home I washed my makeup with nail-polish remover by accident... Note to self: Always check what bottle you grab.

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