Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Truth, Dare or Drinktionary

Ok so yesterday started out great and just went a little bit blaah...
First we didn't know for a long time what to do but since I was home alone, some of my friends came here and we had some salad and fruits and donuts (yummy, they were delicious), and played "truth or dare or drinktionary". I had come up with some special truth or dares and they were pretty funny, like "make a drink out of 5 ingredients found in the kitchen" and "take an ugly picture and put it on instagram". One of the dares you will find below!

Then Kata drove us to town where we met some people we knew but basically everybody was pretty scattered so we split up pretty fast. Some of us went to Vincent's where me and Emppu sat on the balcony for probably one hour and just talked which was nice! Then we decided to go and get some subway which was heavenly!! We power-walked to the bus which was filled with drunken idiots and me and emppu were just imagining getting away from Finland, which will happen TOMORROW! Yay, Magaluf here we come!

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