Saturday, May 4, 2013


Right about now I should be in (hopefully) sunny Magaluf! Since I'm not able to come here and make you all jealous about how awesome it is there, I thought I'd tell you about other places I've been to!

I've been to Florida probably something like 15-16 times! My aunt and my cousins live there so usually around wintertime (when my dad doesn't have work) we travel there to spend approximately 3 weeks with them in the sun. Yes, I'm very blessed, but also it feels like a tradition. Christmas without a bikini just sounds strange to me! My favorite memories from all of those trips are going to Disney World and Universal Studios ,eating all the delicious food we've had, spending time with the family and of course the two adorable dogs, Lulu and Lucy!

One Christmas we decided to go to Thailand instead of Florida and it was amazing, I seriously want to go back there at one point of my life! Just chilling on the beach in Phi Phi Island was so wonderful and relaxing!

Then I've been to Rhodos 3 times but I've posted so many pictures I think it's kinda unnecessary to post anything. And then I've ofc been to Sweden, mostly on basketball tournaments. And now Spain!

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