Saturday, May 18, 2013

Settling in

It's been a hectic 2 days, yesterday I had work all day long and it was so hot all day, I just felt like jumping in  cold water. But then after working for 10 hours or so I finally got home, to my new home! It's pretty messy still but it's looking really good, and I LOVE my new bed, slept like a baby in it!
Today I've been to work, got to leave 2 hours earlier 'cause there weren't a lot of people (probably because of the Finland-Sweden ice-hockey game that's on right now, it's a very serious matter over here), when I got home I celebrated the fact that I got my exams results yesterday with a cider, that  means I will for certain graduate in 2 weeks, and with pretty decent papers too!
Today it's the eurovision finale which I will watch with my friends, I still have a few hours to kill and I think I'll try to take a nap so that I won't fall asleep, moving and working is very tiring!

Some pics from the house! That's just the livingroom/diningroom, and me laying on the couch with hockey in the background. I promise to make another better post when everything is done and I have a working camera!

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