Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I guess I was really tired or something last night 'cause I slept from midnight to noon, so basically 12 hours! After waking up me and my grandma drove to Bauhaus, I had to buy paint (or she did) for my wall that I also painted today (with a little help from Emppu, thanks!). Somehow I managed to paint myself in the process as well, even my face! But it turned out really good and I'm happy!
Then after a shower I drove to town to meet up with Cristel and Sofie, we sat by the riverside and had some ice-cream, and then us and some others went to Aussie Bar to chill for a while. I had a really fun time, the weather is so nice right now!
Tomorrow my day is packed, I have work in Naantali, then work in Turku and then I'm going to go and see Hangover 3. So no blogging! Luckily I don't have work until 11 o'clock so I get to sleep in, again :)

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