Friday, May 10, 2013


Ok I'm warning you right now this will be a LONG POST! I'm thinking of doing this is different sections 'cause putting 1 week into 1 post is pretty hard :)
On Thursday we started or journey towards Magaluf, Mallorca. Our flight went pretty quickly, although a woman fainted right next to our seats, which was pretty scary! When we got to our Hotel we just checked-in and decided to just sit in for the night, 'cause it was already past midnight. But we could here the bar strip calling for us, our hotel was as close to the bar street as it could possibly be!

Next day we went to the beach, every time we went there people would come all day trying to get us to buy tickets for their pub crawl or their nightclub, but we thought we would just look around the first night. After the beach we went to a restaurant (where we ended up going 2 times more later on) where I had the BEST fajitas ever, they were soooo good! When we got home we got ready, played some drinking games on our balcony and were off at 11ish. We went to Grabbarna Grus, and since it isn't high season yet, we were almost the only ones there. Which was good 'cause we got something like 6 free shots and 3 drinks for free and a champagne bottle, Kata and Emppu also got to play bartenders and we got some love notes from the bartenders, we were just laughing all night long. Kata and Emppu went back to the hotel but me and Ella decided to go to office where we met some very nice British boys ;)

We woke up feeling very tired (first night is always the roughest one) but we dragged our asses to the beach where an annual Beach Rugby Tournament had started. There were probably 300 rugby players and they were playing all day and drinking by the beach, cheering and singing (sweet caroline, I swear like 4 times in a day they sang that song as loud as they could). We decided to save some money so we had dinner that we prepared for ourselves (it was basically pasta every time since the store next to our hotel was very limited). In the evening we headed to the Mambo's Rolling Stoned Pub Crawl with 200 rugby players. Basically you payed 20 euros, got a t-shirt, a free bull ride (lol, emppu was the only one who actually did that!) and they poured shots in your mouth all night (some were really disgusting, like cinnamon, eew I can still feel it in my mouth). We met some cowboys, superheroes, horses, I got complimnted on our teeth and the night was really fun. At the last place you got to drink for free but we headed to Grabbarna instead, where we met two swedes, one of which looked just like Eric Saade. The night was great, apart from the fact that Kata's phone got stolen! But these first two days were the craziest and the most fun, since it was the weekend and the rugby tournament was in full swing.

First the pub crawl....

...and then to GGBC

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