Saturday, May 11, 2013


Day Three was the end of the rugby tournament, we went to the beach as usual, had dinner at home. Oh and just after waking up we make a little trip to the police office, 'cause Kata needed some sort of crime report for her stolen phone. It was so hot and the police station was like 40 minutes away by foot so when we found it we were so glad. The process took like an hour or so so Kata stayed and the rest of us took a taxi back to the hotel and stayed by the pool. It was so hot that day! And then Grabbarna as usual, all the people who were in bartender school had arrived so we got to know them that night! (Ps. The picture of emppu was liked by Sean Banan on Instagram #copacabanana)
 Day four we once again stayed by the pool, for like 5,5 hours! We were all determined to get tanned! And then Grabbarna and Office in the evening. Before we went out we used to play a drinking game with cards, and when you got a joker you had to sing a song that your friends chose, well our neighbor didn't reall like that and in the middle of my version of Thrift Shop they opened the balcony door and asked us to stop :D One thing I can say from that night is that it is super hard walking with high-heels on the beach!

Day 5 was our second to last day (I think?) and we stayed by the pool. OMG it was so hot, and the pool in our hotel was NOT heated, so it was pretty cold, but we just had to stay there 'cause it was so hot! And then there were these drunken Brits and one of them poured a glass of water on Ella for no reason! So we were kinda scared to stay there 'cause we were afraid that hey would throw us in the air. In the evening we went exploring on the bar strip, went to some places a bit further away (saw a lot of grenades), Emppu always had a plan how to keep the people who tried to get us to come int their bar away, so that night she kept on repeating everything they said. We laughed so much  ut it ended up with Emppu being carried on a guy's shoulders to the bar :D

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