Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today I had the entrance exam and I think it went fine, the close-test and the essay went really well but the linguistics part was a bit more tricky. We'll see, I have no clue if I'll get in or not, but I'm not sweating it. If it doesn't happen, I'll just take a year of and work, and then try again!

After the test me and julle did some shopping, and not just a little. I had a long list of things I really needed, makeup, hair products, clothes for work and shoes for work. Luckily I almost found everything I was looking for, I even found this cool hanger that you put your jewelry on from Tiger. And also here's a little look for you of my room, it's still ofc undone, the red wall is gonna be painted white and I don't have a closet to put my clothes in yet... but we're getting there!
me in the bathroom, hehe...

no more losing one of the earrings!

1. My dresses in my new racket from Ikea. 2. My favorite thing, the BIG bed

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