Monday, May 27, 2013

Big spender + update on my room

So today I had a day off and I finally had time to do all the things I have to before my graduation. I went to take my graduation pictures taken at Studio Auran Kuva, I was a bit nervous 'cause I've never been to a professional photographer but I think it went pretty well and I hope the pictures turned out alright!
Then I met up with emppu to do some shopping. In Ikea I found some boxes for my cupboard, a pink trashcan and some folders, nothing major. At Gigantti I bought a camera because both of the ones we have at home are broken (I also took my Canon 1000D to get looked at but unfortunately they couldn't do anything about it...sadface), so now I can finally post other pictures than just webcam ones!

I took the opportunity to take my camera into use instantly to show you how my room looks now. I only have to paint the red wall white and it's pretty much done!

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