Friday, May 31, 2013


Work is done and now I have a whole day of celebration ahead of me, because tomorrow I graduate! So now blogging until after the weekend... I already got one gift from my grandma, it's a ring and a necklace my great-grandpa gave to my great-grandma when they got engaged 1935! I love it so much and it will always remind me of my family. My great-grandpa passed away when I was little but my Elvi, my grandma's mother lived until she was 97 years old so it's only been a few years of her death. I feel good knowing that she's a part of this too now, somehow :)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chow, Arrivederci!

Yesterday was hectic but the Hangover was awesome! I was laughing the whole way through, I definitely recommend you go and see it!
Been to work again and now I'm home, just have to get started on preparing for my graduation on Saturday!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I guess I was really tired or something last night 'cause I slept from midnight to noon, so basically 12 hours! After waking up me and my grandma drove to Bauhaus, I had to buy paint (or she did) for my wall that I also painted today (with a little help from Emppu, thanks!). Somehow I managed to paint myself in the process as well, even my face! But it turned out really good and I'm happy!
Then after a shower I drove to town to meet up with Cristel and Sofie, we sat by the riverside and had some ice-cream, and then us and some others went to Aussie Bar to chill for a while. I had a really fun time, the weather is so nice right now!
Tomorrow my day is packed, I have work in Naantali, then work in Turku and then I'm going to go and see Hangover 3. So no blogging! Luckily I don't have work until 11 o'clock so I get to sleep in, again :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Big spender + update on my room

So today I had a day off and I finally had time to do all the things I have to before my graduation. I went to take my graduation pictures taken at Studio Auran Kuva, I was a bit nervous 'cause I've never been to a professional photographer but I think it went pretty well and I hope the pictures turned out alright!
Then I met up with emppu to do some shopping. In Ikea I found some boxes for my cupboard, a pink trashcan and some folders, nothing major. At Gigantti I bought a camera because both of the ones we have at home are broken (I also took my Canon 1000D to get looked at but unfortunately they couldn't do anything about it...sadface), so now I can finally post other pictures than just webcam ones!

I took the opportunity to take my camera into use instantly to show you how my room looks now. I only have to paint the red wall white and it's pretty much done!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Great Gatsby

Work was hectic but it was a good day, the sun was shining, people were happy :)
But now---> movies

Friday, May 24, 2013

So much to do...

So Wednesday was a lot of fun, we ended up pretty much hopping from one place to another one but I had a great time. Thursday I had to get up to work and I was so tired! After work I drove to pick up Essi, her visit was shorter than first planned but it was so great to see her even though it was just for one night. We had some coffee with our friend Sara and after that we pretty much went to bed, we were both exhausted. So those have been my two main occupations: working and hanging out with friends.
Also, in a week I'll be graduating, which is insane. I still have so much to organize, I should fix the camera's and get myself photographed at a studio and buy tickets for the party in Börs... So much to do and so little time!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It's 4 o'clock in the morning and it's starting to get light

Paint it white

Been home today, feels real good with a day off! I've just been organizing my room and painting some of the stuff white! Later today it's a night with some friends, which I am really looking forward to!
I was expecting this lady to visit me today but I'll have to wait until tomorrow

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Today I had the entrance exam and I think it went fine, the close-test and the essay went really well but the linguistics part was a bit more tricky. We'll see, I have no clue if I'll get in or not, but I'm not sweating it. If it doesn't happen, I'll just take a year of and work, and then try again!

After the test me and julle did some shopping, and not just a little. I had a long list of things I really needed, makeup, hair products, clothes for work and shoes for work. Luckily I almost found everything I was looking for, I even found this cool hanger that you put your jewelry on from Tiger. And also here's a little look for you of my room, it's still ofc undone, the red wall is gonna be painted white and I don't have a closet to put my clothes in yet... but we're getting there!
me in the bathroom, hehe...

no more losing one of the earrings!

1. My dresses in my new racket from Ikea. 2. My favorite thing, the BIG bed

Monday, May 20, 2013

m o n d a y

Been to work as usual, but now I have 2 days off! Technically I only have 1 day off since tomorrow I have my qualification exams for university. I'm not sweating it, if I don't get in it's not the end of the world, then I'll just work for a year and try again!

Some of you may know that Finland wasn't that successful in ESC this year, the voting was crap and NONE of our "neighbors" gave us any points! What's up with that??

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Settling in

It's been a hectic 2 days, yesterday I had work all day long and it was so hot all day, I just felt like jumping in  cold water. But then after working for 10 hours or so I finally got home, to my new home! It's pretty messy still but it's looking really good, and I LOVE my new bed, slept like a baby in it!
Today I've been to work, got to leave 2 hours earlier 'cause there weren't a lot of people (probably because of the Finland-Sweden ice-hockey game that's on right now, it's a very serious matter over here), when I got home I celebrated the fact that I got my exams results yesterday with a cider, that  means I will for certain graduate in 2 weeks, and with pretty decent papers too!
Today it's the eurovision finale which I will watch with my friends, I still have a few hours to kill and I think I'll try to take a nap so that I won't fall asleep, moving and working is very tiring!

Some pics from the house! That's just the livingroom/diningroom, and me laying on the couch with hockey in the background. I promise to make another better post when everything is done and I have a working camera!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Moving from the house I've lived in for 16 years!

I've been up all day, first at work and then packing the last of my stuff, and at the new house. Emppu also stopped by to check it out and we had a nice little chat on our not so little porch, can't wait for everything to get done, it'll look so nice! And I also can't wait to get started on my room and my BIG BED that I'll be sleeping in tomorrow. It's bittersweet though, this is the house I've been living in since I was three years old, that's 16 years! But I'm excited, very excited, my room is getting a liiiiittle bit to small :)

But before that Eurovision and tomorrow I have work until 9 pm...
Here's some inspiration for my new room!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Awkward/New Girl

Work today, the highlight of the day was trying the summer's new ice-cream flavor: Fazerina. It's a finnish candy bar that tastes like chocolate and orange and the ice-cream tasted exactly the same :) Now on my to-do-list is watching these two shows:
mmmmm.... ;)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Relaxation and catching up

A day off is very welcome right now, I woke up late, had some blueberries and strawberries with whipped cream, studied for my English exam, mad some pretty good meatballs and soon I have to start packing! And today of course is the day that Eurovision starts. YEY!

Ps. Something Shitty: I have 3 huge mosquito bites on my leg. Well, at least summer is might be coming!

Love this pic of me and ella!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Another 12 hour shift behind me, first work at the restaurant and then at the football stadium and my feet are very, very tired. But tomorrow I have the day off, which means some studying and some packing, 'cause we're moving on Friday! Here are some good tunes that have been playing in my head ever since Magaluf :)
(Love the dance in the last one, lol)

Sunday, May 12, 2013


The last 2 days looked pretty much the same, we tried to get as tanned as we could, obsessed with making everybody jealous back home. When we went out the last night we met this Scottish guy and we could not understand ONE WORD he said, it was insane! It was a good last night, we went back to our hotel with smiles on our faces but soon realized we would be leaving the first thing in the morning. Our flight back home went well, although it was a long trip! I'm glad to be home, but I wish I could've stayed 1 more weekend! Definitely now that I've been working, I feel like going back real bad!


I just spent one hour trying to download my tax report and I finally got it right (I think). I hate doing complicated adult stuff :D
Today I've spent all day working, we had quite a few people since it is Mother's day, so happy mother's day to all you mothers!

And Happy Mother's Day to the best mom in the world, I know everybody says that but it's true, 
she is simply the best! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Since I have gotten home I have...

...been working
...won a 20 e giftcard!
...gotten a new KING SIZE bed!
...been craycray about losing my tan (it's not gone yet, thank god)
...and today I'm meeting my friends :)


Day Three was the end of the rugby tournament, we went to the beach as usual, had dinner at home. Oh and just after waking up we make a little trip to the police office, 'cause Kata needed some sort of crime report for her stolen phone. It was so hot and the police station was like 40 minutes away by foot so when we found it we were so glad. The process took like an hour or so so Kata stayed and the rest of us took a taxi back to the hotel and stayed by the pool. It was so hot that day! And then Grabbarna as usual, all the people who were in bartender school had arrived so we got to know them that night! (Ps. The picture of emppu was liked by Sean Banan on Instagram #copacabanana)
 Day four we once again stayed by the pool, for like 5,5 hours! We were all determined to get tanned! And then Grabbarna and Office in the evening. Before we went out we used to play a drinking game with cards, and when you got a joker you had to sing a song that your friends chose, well our neighbor didn't reall like that and in the middle of my version of Thrift Shop they opened the balcony door and asked us to stop :D One thing I can say from that night is that it is super hard walking with high-heels on the beach!

Day 5 was our second to last day (I think?) and we stayed by the pool. OMG it was so hot, and the pool in our hotel was NOT heated, so it was pretty cold, but we just had to stay there 'cause it was so hot! And then there were these drunken Brits and one of them poured a glass of water on Ella for no reason! So we were kinda scared to stay there 'cause we were afraid that hey would throw us in the air. In the evening we went exploring on the bar strip, went to some places a bit further away (saw a lot of grenades), Emppu always had a plan how to keep the people who tried to get us to come int their bar away, so that night she kept on repeating everything they said. We laughed so much  ut it ended up with Emppu being carried on a guy's shoulders to the bar :D

Friday, May 10, 2013


Ok I'm warning you right now this will be a LONG POST! I'm thinking of doing this is different sections 'cause putting 1 week into 1 post is pretty hard :)
On Thursday we started or journey towards Magaluf, Mallorca. Our flight went pretty quickly, although a woman fainted right next to our seats, which was pretty scary! When we got to our Hotel we just checked-in and decided to just sit in for the night, 'cause it was already past midnight. But we could here the bar strip calling for us, our hotel was as close to the bar street as it could possibly be!

Next day we went to the beach, every time we went there people would come all day trying to get us to buy tickets for their pub crawl or their nightclub, but we thought we would just look around the first night. After the beach we went to a restaurant (where we ended up going 2 times more later on) where I had the BEST fajitas ever, they were soooo good! When we got home we got ready, played some drinking games on our balcony and were off at 11ish. We went to Grabbarna Grus, and since it isn't high season yet, we were almost the only ones there. Which was good 'cause we got something like 6 free shots and 3 drinks for free and a champagne bottle, Kata and Emppu also got to play bartenders and we got some love notes from the bartenders, we were just laughing all night long. Kata and Emppu went back to the hotel but me and Ella decided to go to office where we met some very nice British boys ;)

We woke up feeling very tired (first night is always the roughest one) but we dragged our asses to the beach where an annual Beach Rugby Tournament had started. There were probably 300 rugby players and they were playing all day and drinking by the beach, cheering and singing (sweet caroline, I swear like 4 times in a day they sang that song as loud as they could). We decided to save some money so we had dinner that we prepared for ourselves (it was basically pasta every time since the store next to our hotel was very limited). In the evening we headed to the Mambo's Rolling Stoned Pub Crawl with 200 rugby players. Basically you payed 20 euros, got a t-shirt, a free bull ride (lol, emppu was the only one who actually did that!) and they poured shots in your mouth all night (some were really disgusting, like cinnamon, eew I can still feel it in my mouth). We met some cowboys, superheroes, horses, I got complimnted on our teeth and the night was really fun. At the last place you got to drink for free but we headed to Grabbarna instead, where we met two swedes, one of which looked just like Eric Saade. The night was great, apart from the fact that Kata's phone got stolen! But these first two days were the craziest and the most fun, since it was the weekend and the rugby tournament was in full swing.

First the pub crawl....

...and then to GGBC

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Right about now I should be in (hopefully) sunny Magaluf! Since I'm not able to come here and make you all jealous about how awesome it is there, I thought I'd tell you about other places I've been to!

I've been to Florida probably something like 15-16 times! My aunt and my cousins live there so usually around wintertime (when my dad doesn't have work) we travel there to spend approximately 3 weeks with them in the sun. Yes, I'm very blessed, but also it feels like a tradition. Christmas without a bikini just sounds strange to me! My favorite memories from all of those trips are going to Disney World and Universal Studios ,eating all the delicious food we've had, spending time with the family and of course the two adorable dogs, Lulu and Lucy!

One Christmas we decided to go to Thailand instead of Florida and it was amazing, I seriously want to go back there at one point of my life! Just chilling on the beach in Phi Phi Island was so wonderful and relaxing!

Then I've been to Rhodos 3 times but I've posted so many pictures I think it's kinda unnecessary to post anything. And then I've ofc been to Sweden, mostly on basketball tournaments. And now Spain!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Adios Bitchachos

Today we're leaving! I'm super excited and a little bit nervous because I've never been to Spain, and of course last summer I went alone with my friends to a foreign country for the first time but I had been to the same place twice before so I knew my way around! But now it's a completely new place, but I have 3 very smart friends so I think we'll be just fine!
We'll arrive just before midnight, aaargh!! Ok, well bye I guess, I'll try to post something that will be released on a timer so that the bog isn't totally dead for a week!
It was hard finding a picture of just the 4 of us! But here's one of me looking retarded! (Ps. There'll be a lot of pictures of us in a week!)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Truth, Dare or Drinktionary

Ok so yesterday started out great and just went a little bit blaah...
First we didn't know for a long time what to do but since I was home alone, some of my friends came here and we had some salad and fruits and donuts (yummy, they were delicious), and played "truth or dare or drinktionary". I had come up with some special truth or dares and they were pretty funny, like "make a drink out of 5 ingredients found in the kitchen" and "take an ugly picture and put it on instagram". One of the dares you will find below!

Then Kata drove us to town where we met some people we knew but basically everybody was pretty scattered so we split up pretty fast. Some of us went to Vincent's where me and Emppu sat on the balcony for probably one hour and just talked which was nice! Then we decided to go and get some subway which was heavenly!! We power-walked to the bus which was filled with drunken idiots and me and emppu were just imagining getting away from Finland, which will happen TOMORROW! Yay, Magaluf here we come!