Thursday, April 25, 2013


Got to leave from work earlier today because there weren't that many people. So when I got home I decided to start packing a bit and I'm trying not to take too much clothing with me but it's so hard! I'm like "Oooh, that would go great with that shirt, and those I could wear if we do this, and oh, these shoes are cool!" but... I seriously always pack too much stuff with me and end up not using all of it so I'm trying not only take stuff I know I'll use. But one thing I have learnt: You can never have too much underwear with you! It's true, last time we went to Rhodos I remember julle had to wear her bikini-bottom the last day 'cause she had used all her underwear!

Soon I'm off to Emppu's, we're gonna print our check-ins and tomorrow I have the day off, so I have to squeeze in a little bit of studying and some more packing!

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