Thursday, April 25, 2013

Last time you laughed so that your stomach hurt vs. last time you cried (and why)

So I should currently be at work and I probably won't be blogging all that much today so this is a post I wrote yesterday, all for you guys!

Last time I laughed so hard that my stomach was aching was probably (well I have laughed hysterically after that BUT this one definitely sticks out!) when I was hanging at Emppu's and we were just chilling on her bed. She was kinda waving her phone in the air and she was looking through her pictures and let's just say that the picture she had on her screen was pretty private. So I immediately started screaming and she started screaming and then we were just laughing for 5 minutes straight... I know you're all curious what the picture was but it's a secret(and if you have a very imaginative mind you'll be able to picture it out for yourself)

Last time I cried was maybe a week ago, I was feeling really emotional for some reason all week long and I usually don't cry a lot (hah I remember one time when I hadn't cried in like many months and me and jule were convinced there was something seriously wrong with me) but last week I would tear up if I saw like a youtube video or watched a romcom. Yeah but basically I realized I had given the wrong account number to my work and I was panicking because I didn't know if I had gotten my salary already (and I REEEAAALLY need the money now that I'm going to Magaluf) so I felt bad but luckily my parents were there to calm me down :P And I called to my workplace next week and fixed the situation so it's all good. My mom even said: "The good thing with living at home is that in situations like these you're not completely alone!"

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