Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happiest memory vs. saddest memory

Happiest memory, this is hard 'cause there are so many to choose from! Starting from visiting my brother in the hospital when he was born, summers with my cousins, going to Florida, Rhodos with my friends, just spending time with my friends in general... I remember though when I was in thailand with my family and I was watching the sunset, I felt really happy!

Saddest memory. Why is it that this one actually is a lot easier? I've been to 3 funerals in my life. The first when my great-grandfather died, I was very little so I don't remember anything. The second when my dad's little sister and my godmother died, that was really hard, 'cause she was so young and also because my cousins are the same age as me, I just couldn't imagine if something happened to my family, I would be absolutely devastated. And the third was when my step-grandpa died. I hate funerals, the mood is just so dark and gloomy...not nice.
at my step-granpa's funeral

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