Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Yesterday was crazy, I went from working at the restaurant for 8 hours to my other working place where I was an additional 3 hours, so I was basically at work for 11-12 hours! So I was pretty tired when I came home, I just went straight to bed. But now I don't have work until after my trip to Spain, which is in 3 days!!

So today is Vappu, something that is a big event in Finland. I'm spending it with my friends, some good food and hopefully we'll have a good time! Here are some pics from last years Vappu!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


Done with work and now I'm home, nothing else special going on really.

Yesterday I continued with cleaning out my closets, and I found an old "my friends"-book. One of my friends had written on as her horoscope "Chinese" which made me laugh. Kids are cute!

Btw...  4 days until MagaluF!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A celebrity you admire vs. a celebrity you hate!

I admire Jennifer Lawrence, and yes, I know she's like the "it-girl" and everybody loves her but I think she's really relateable, adorable, pretty, funny... OK I LOVE HER! Yes, but she seems like a down-to-earth kinda person and I like that. Plus I love Hunger Games and I really liked her in Silver Lining Playbook (and I sooo ship her and Bradley Cooper!)
A celebrity I hate is Nicholas Cage. The picture says it all.


Been working all day long and for some reason the (male) customers were really flirty today. I got called sweetie, kissed on the hand, heard a couple of dirty jokes... It was all good humor to me!
Today I'm just chilling, have to get up to work tomorrow again.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Sue Sylvester #2

So the weather was looking better and I decided to take my bike out and ride to the city. I stood in line for like 20 minutes just to hear that I didn't have all the documents needed with me so going there was basically a waste of time! But I got around to buy some sunscreen for my trip which is in 6 days! So excited! Also because the weather in Magaluf has been shitty but they're promising sun and warmth by the time we arrive!

Btw, my dad gets a lot of stuff from his team every year that he ends up not using, and now he got this track suit that was too small so I got it instead. I think it's really nice and I kinda look like Sue Sylvester in it :D


Today I was planning on going to the tax offce but since my dad is home from Belgium both of my parents have the cars and I only have my bike. That wouldn't be a problem if the weather wasn't so crappy, it's currently raining and I'm seriously not keen on going out in the cold, wet, rain! We'll see if I end up going there at all today....

List your 10 most played songs on your IPod

PS: I'm changing this to 25 most played 'cause it has a bit more of a range to it... :D
Yeah so as you can hopefully see (the covers are kinda small but you get the big picture) I am a huge fan of 1D, and I'm not ashamed of it! Their songs put me in a good mood and I think that's what music should do! Lady Gaga and Hurts are also some of my favorite, both of which I have seen live (and they were ah-mazing!) and I would definitely want to see Coldplay and 1D live at some point.
Number 10. is a song called Eluvium by Genius and the thieves, a song I discovered on Skins and 22. Electric Feel by MGMT is also from Skins. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Got to leave from work earlier today because there weren't that many people. So when I got home I decided to start packing a bit and I'm trying not to take too much clothing with me but it's so hard! I'm like "Oooh, that would go great with that shirt, and those I could wear if we do this, and oh, these shoes are cool!" but... I seriously always pack too much stuff with me and end up not using all of it so I'm trying not only take stuff I know I'll use. But one thing I have learnt: You can never have too much underwear with you! It's true, last time we went to Rhodos I remember julle had to wear her bikini-bottom the last day 'cause she had used all her underwear!

Soon I'm off to Emppu's, we're gonna print our check-ins and tomorrow I have the day off, so I have to squeeze in a little bit of studying and some more packing!

Last time you laughed so that your stomach hurt vs. last time you cried (and why)

So I should currently be at work and I probably won't be blogging all that much today so this is a post I wrote yesterday, all for you guys!

Last time I laughed so hard that my stomach was aching was probably (well I have laughed hysterically after that BUT this one definitely sticks out!) when I was hanging at Emppu's and we were just chilling on her bed. She was kinda waving her phone in the air and she was looking through her pictures and let's just say that the picture she had on her screen was pretty private. So I immediately started screaming and she started screaming and then we were just laughing for 5 minutes straight... I know you're all curious what the picture was but it's a secret(and if you have a very imaginative mind you'll be able to picture it out for yourself)

Last time I cried was maybe a week ago, I was feeling really emotional for some reason all week long and I usually don't cry a lot (hah I remember one time when I hadn't cried in like many months and me and jule were convinced there was something seriously wrong with me) but last week I would tear up if I saw like a youtube video or watched a romcom. Yeah but basically I realized I had given the wrong account number to my work and I was panicking because I didn't know if I had gotten my salary already (and I REEEAAALLY need the money now that I'm going to Magaluf) so I felt bad but luckily my parents were there to calm me down :P And I called to my workplace next week and fixed the situation so it's all good. My mom even said: "The good thing with living at home is that in situations like these you're not completely alone!"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Your favorite piece of clothing when you were younger vs. your favorite now

My favorite piece of clothing when I was little, or at least as far as I can remember was this beautiful white dress that I got to wear for a Christmas dinner I think when we were in Florida. I felt like a princess wearing it! In the 5th or 6th grade me and julle had this phase when we for some reason thought ponchos were really cool so I remember going to the mall looking for ponchos, and we actually also made our own ponchos! Mine was red and yellow and it was probably really ugly but I wore it proudly! :D I bet you hope I had a picture of that poncho but I "unfortunately" do not... :D
Some of the fresses I wore at special occations were my favorites!
 My favorite clothing now would probably have to be...hmm... well maybe my new leather jacket 'cause I think it's so cool!

Best compliment you've gotten vs. something not so nice someone has said of you

This is really hard, I can't think of anything, good or bad that anyone has said of me!!

Best compliment: Of course I've gotten a lot of compliment in different situation (ego) but this one is the only one I can remember clearly is getting comments on my youtube videos from a few years ago. Of course there were some negative but mostly positive. This one is probably sarcastic but it made me laugh: "OMG YOUR FRIKEN AMAZING YOUR LIKE THE SECOND VERSION OF THE LORD HIMSELF!" 
Soo yeah, being called God is a pretty good compliment..? XD (Don't take me too seriously) Also I like the spelling of the word FRIKEN :P

Worst thing said: Some girls in my school called me a diva once, I guess it's because I don't really get very close to somebody that quickly, it takes a while for me to trust somebody before I really can call them my friend. I definitely don't ever make a new friends in 2 weeks and be like "OMG I LOVE YOU BFFF! " and then in two weeks we're not friends anymore. So yeah I guess I can come of as a little cold sometimes but I definitely don't think I'm better than anyone else! Also my ex boyfriend once said I'm the most unromantic person he knows, not that it was that hurtful and yeah, I'm not really into the whole "lovey-dovey" thing, but EVERY girl likes a little bit of romance and likes to feel special, I just don't think you have to hang out 24/7 and completely forget your friends when you're in a relationship...

Actually now I remember another one, this one is a little bit sad but thinking back I still think it's funny. Me and julle decided in the 5th grade to start a fake fight to see who would choose whose side. So basically everybody ended up choosing her side (buuhuu!) and then I heard that this one boy in my class had said really mean things about me to Julle, like that I was such a bad person and he actually said that if I fell on a skyscraper I would crash through all the levels 'cause I'm so fat (gee, thanks!). Soo then when we revealed that we were just faking the fight he was embarrassed and tried saying that he knew all along it wasn't real... but after a few years when I reminded him of what happened he apologized and you know, we were just kids so I don't hold a grudge on him! :)

Is it sad that my worst  list is a lot longer? Haha no I have gotten a lot of positive compliments too but as you know, it's the negative that stick with you so always think before you say something bad about someone!

Kaylee Jeans

So I went looking for shoes bit big surprise, surprise, I didn't find any. I tried a pair and they were really uncomfortable. BUT I was able to find a pair of jeans that looked real nice and they were on sale so yeeeey!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cinderella Shoes

Work today went relatively fast, there were surprisingly many people out eating despite of the SHITTY weather (thank god I'm going to Spain in a week!) and despite the fact that it's a Tuesday  I'm also getting to know the people I work with better which is nice!

Tomorrow I'm planning on going shoe-hunting for my graduation, I haven't been able to find the kind that I want yet, but in the pic below you can see what I'm looking for! And of course, these shoes are available to buy online but I just don't trust buying shoes without trying them on, specially because my feet are such a weird shape, not all shoes fit them all that well XD

Happiest memory vs. saddest memory

Happiest memory, this is hard 'cause there are so many to choose from! Starting from visiting my brother in the hospital when he was born, summers with my cousins, going to Florida, Rhodos with my friends, just spending time with my friends in general... I remember though when I was in thailand with my family and I was watching the sunset, I felt really happy!

Saddest memory. Why is it that this one actually is a lot easier? I've been to 3 funerals in my life. The first when my great-grandfather died, I was very little so I don't remember anything. The second when my dad's little sister and my godmother died, that was really hard, 'cause she was so young and also because my cousins are the same age as me, I just couldn't imagine if something happened to my family, I would be absolutely devastated. And the third was when my step-grandpa died. I hate funerals, the mood is just so dark and gloomy...not nice.
at my step-granpa's funeral

Monday, April 22, 2013


So I just came home from driving my brother and then I noticed I got a letter saying there was a big package waiting for me at the post office, so I drove there and it was BIG!
I waited until I was home to open it and it was a Jack the Giant Slayer prize from some competition I had apparently entered and won. It was a HUGE notebook, a pen that oddly smells like coffee and a hoodie. The hoodie is really soft and will probably make my dad the happiest, 'cause I always keep borrowing his gray hoodie but now I have my own!

The negative thing today (and yesterday) is that my stomache is hurting a lot for some reason. I can't really explain it, but it kinda feels like I strained something or a little bit like that time I had all the bruises from the concert... Hopefully it'll go away soon!

Here's the trailer for the movie... It doesn't really look like anything I'd enjoy but just thought I'd give it a shoutout since I won such a cool prize!


Ok so it isn't just Emppu who has started a blog, my friend Ella has also started one! So CHECK HERS OUT AS WELL! ------------->http://ejabebe.blogspot.fi/

ok, now I'm off to drive my brother to his football game! BYE!


I've been waiting for this moment for almost 3 years...

Finally someone (apart from Ansku) wh has started a blog!

So make sure to check it out: ------------------> emkaro.blogspot.com

Happy Birthday little brother!

Today the best brother in the world is turning 11 years old! That's right! My little baby bro is turning BIG! I can't believe it. Because I'm 8 years older than him we never really argue, of course I like to tease him sometimes but nothing major. I still remember when my dad told me I would have a little brother, I was so excited!
Happy birthday Maximus, I love you!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I'm. so. tired.
I don't have any energy to write, so instead here's a picture of me and my friends! The quality sucks, sorry! (blame emppu)

Best present received vs. worst present received

Right now I should be at work but I actually wrote this post yesterday, hopefully it'll be here when I want it to! And also I know I'm behind on my blog-challenge..sorry!

Best present... wow this is hard. I'd have to say getting to go to Florida every winter (almost every winter, one Christmas we stayed at home, but for me spending Christmas at home in cold Finland, with the snow is actually really weird, I'm used to going to the beach on Christmas morning!), to meet my cousins and my Aunt and her husband and their two cute dogs!

Worst present: I once got a dog chewing toy from my grandpa, I guess he thought it was a stuffed animal but It was a giraffe made of a tennis-ball and some rope with a bell in it.

Christmas elfs in Florida, this is actually Christmas morning. I love how my brother looks like the most enthusiastic elf ever!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


Yes, I know I've been e terrible blogger but here's a recap of my weekend so far:

On Friday me and Emppu went to town to buy our graduation hats! I'm so excited, I can't believe I'm going to be wearing that hat in less than 2 months, it's absolutely crazy! Then when I got home I started baking a blueberry-meringue (I had to look that up in the web-dictionary, it's mareng in Swedish!) for today since we celebrated mine and my brothers birthdays, and before that I had to go to the store and to basically buy almost everything that was needed to bake the cake. We didn't have flours, eggs or sugar! Then in the evening I went to have dinner with my teammates to celebrate the end of the season, I also got a pineapple and some soap bubble as a present so thank you for that! Some of us went out to celebrate some more but I went home since I had work today and I'm saving money for magaluf!

Today I woke up to get to work, I was soooo tired and first we didn't really have much to do but then at 1 o'clock everybody wanted lunch and I swear there wasn't a minute I didn't have at least 4 plates in my hand. After work I went home real quick and at 6 our guests arrived. I got money (thank the lord!!), a funny japanese horoscope book from my cute neighbors and a necklace from Julle and Emppu, thank you! And now I'm going to bed, 'cause I have work tomorrow!
Julle's dog Nala also came to wish us Happy Birthday! (I know the quality is crap, it's taken with an Ipad...)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What you wanted to be when you grow up and what you're doing now (e.g. summerjob)

Day 3.
I wanted to become a teacher when I was little or a popstar. Well I'm not a famous popstar and I've tried teaching for a week when we had to work for a week in school with something. I wouldn't say that I was really excited about working as a teacher after that week, but I haven't completely ruled out the possibility... It's just that I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up yet!

And right now I'm working as a waitress at a restaurant in Naantali, they have a buffet so I mostly have to pick up plates and make sure everything is clean. There haven't been that many people there yet but I know it'll be hectic in the summer!

Cake in the rain

The rainy shitty weather will definitely not depress me, even on my birthday! After waking up I rode my bike to Kata's and she had made such a lovely surprise for me, she baked a cake! That was so sweet and it made me feel really good despite being soaken wet after riding my bike in the rain. Me, her and Ella basically just sat around for 6 hours talking about our trip that is exactly in 2 weeks, can you believe that? Planning what we'll bring with us, where we'll go.... I'm so excited!


Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday dear mee-ee... Happy Birthday to me!
Yeah today is my 19th birthday! When I woke up I had gotten some birthday texts, the one from my dad said that he was so happy that I'm in his life. aaaw that was so sweet, I love you dad!

Upstairs I found some present, 3 really cool undies, a shirt and a new straightening iron, FINALLY! Now I'm gonna eat something and then I'm meeting up with Kata and Ella!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A pretty picture of you vs an unflattering picture of you

Yes. I do have a lot of unflattering pictures of myself on my computer (I'm kinda regretting putting this on the challenge, WHYYYY did I do it!?) But I am a woman of my words so I'm going through with my promise.
So here I'm presenting two pictures that are taken at the same location at the same time, one is good and one is definietly not. It shows really what kind of effort we girls go through just to get a good picture, haha. Ok it was hard when the wind was blowing, it's not like in the movies you guys!

Ner Yårk

Today I started reading on the linguistics book that I have to read for my university exams, it's 9 chapters long so I figured I'd read 1 chapter per day and I should be done fairly quickly!

I also started cleaning my closets (since we're moving in a month) and I found my old diaries from when I was 7-10 years old. Oh my problems back then were HUGE, like one day I was contemplating on who to fall in love with next, since I thought all the boys in my class were "stupid or slow" (sorry guys), I talked about how my friends were playing this stupid horse game where they were dead angel horses and that nobody would play with me (wow, that actually sounds really depressing but don't worry, I was included in the game later on) and I also wrote that I found my cousins annoying but that in the end I would still miss them when they went back home to Florida. Here are some of the amazing artwork and also that picture of the WTC is like a little bit creepy... mostly I thought that my way of spelling New York=Ner yårk was funny!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Youtube-video you ever saw vs. Most recent Youtube-video you saw

Ok, first youtube video I ever saw was like in 2006 when one girl in my class showed me this video of two guys lip-syncing to Wannabe by Spice Girls and I thought it was hilarious! Youtube wasn't really big yet and I don't remember going on Youtube a lot until later in like the 8th grade when I started watching Smosh and Fred. Oh good times!
Back then I would usually go on the computer to go on mese (MSN Messenger) or Irc-galleria (it was like a picture uploading site that I joined without my parents knowing, hee hee... Ok they caught me later on but they let me keep my profile).

The most recent video is... I don't even now 'cause I've seen a lot of videos but I don't remember in which order...but this is one of the videos I saw today:

10-day blog challenge

Ok, since I don't have anything interesting to post anymore (buhuu my life is so boring, all I do is work or stay at home reading... plus now I'm saving money for Spain so I probably won't be doing anything!) I thought why not do like a "blog challenge"? I'm coming up with the questions myself and anyone who wants to can do this challenge on their own blog!

BLOG CHALLENGE by Mynameisnotyasmine

1.First Youtube-video you ever saw vs. Most recent Youtube-video you saw
2. A pretty picture of you vs an unflattering picture of you
3. What you wanted to be when you grow up and what you're doing now (e.g. summerjob)
4. Best present received vs. worst present received
5. Happiest memory vs. saddest memory
6. Best compliment you've gotten vs. something not so nice someone has said of you
7. Your favorite piece of clothing when you were younger vs. your favorite now
8. Last time you laughed so that your stomach hurt vs. last time you cried (and why)
9. List your 10 most played songs on your IPod
10. A celebrity you admire vs. a celebrity you hate!

Ok so this is like a 10-day blog challenge! I at least challenge my friend Ansku to do this! Chop chop!

Magaluf Madness

Well well well, today I dragged my tired but to work just to be told I didn't have work today! My boss had told me yesterday to come to nine but it turns out someone else had that shift. The positive thing with that was that I got to eat some breakfast there, I didn't eat anything at home because our refrigerator was empty! But now I'm at home, just laying on the sofa which is nice!

And now for the exciting news. Yesterday me, Ella, Kata and Emppu booked a trip to Magaluf in 2,5 weeks! It all happened really quickly, last weekends we started talking about a trip before graduation, but it was all hanging on weather or not I would get permission from work to be gone for a week. I asked on Sunda, they said yes and yesterday we bought the tickets and booked a hotel. I'm sososo excited!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Exciting news that are not completely 100 % yet but almost and ooooh I can't wait for May to come! But first I'm waiting for my birthday and my paycheck...

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sorry for the blaah

My blogging has been a little bit blaah but I really haven't had anything interesting to share with you. BUT yesterday my friends came back from a two-week-long trip to Malesia and I met up with them in the evening. It was so great to see them and they had had an amazing trip, and they were so tanned. Some of us went to a bar afterwards and danced all night long, I had a really great time!
Today I'm chilling, didn't have to go to work 'cause the weather is bad and there aren't a lot of people out today.
Here are some pics from yesterday:

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day off

So nice with a day off, I slept in, had some delicious tuna salad, took a loooong shower, read my book and now I'm off to meet Ella and Kata, hoping the sun will stay up a while longer so that we can find a place to sit outside!
Me this time last year. See that? NO SNOW! Getting real tired of your shit, spring...

Monday, April 8, 2013

The next viral trend

I was supposed to write 2 hours ago but I fell asleep... hehe whoops!

Anyways, not that I have anything very interesting to tell you, yesterday I saw Zombieland at julles but I really wanna see it again, since I had a hard time concentrating on the movie with all my friends around, we ended up talking about everything else instead of focusing on the film, but it seemed funny so maybe I'll watch it again someday.
Today I've been working at the kindergarten with the really cute 2-year-olds. Tomorrow work again at the restaurant, waiting for that day when I first get my salary...

And as usual, I dont have a picture for you since the camera is still broken. Sorry sorry sorry!
Just to fill this post a funny vid from Nigahiga!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring is here aaaaand it's gone

Seriously? It's the 7th of April and it's snowing like it's f-ing Christmas eve! Yesterday was such a nice day and then when I wake up today, BAM, snow everywhere, lots of it! I'm so done with this...
Anyways, got to work today, of course since the weather was so shitty there were almost no people there so I got to finish 4 hours earlier, which I don't mind since it's Sunday salary!
We were also planning on going out to celebrate Julle's birthday (I was going as the designated driver since I'm working at my mom's kindergarten tomorrow) but since the weather is so crappy and we all have different reasons to be focused tomorrow we decided we would just watch a movie or something.

I wish april looked like this...

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello Kitty Disco

Btw, forgot to tell you about the disco last night. It was a success! Me and Emppu were awesome DJ's and Gangnam Style, Thrift Shp and Harlem Shake were definitely the tunes of the night. It was so cute seeing all the kids slow dancing, my brother even slow danced with 3 different girls! Me and Emppu were just reminiscing all night long, thinking of when we went to disco's and slow danced with boys... ah fun times!

This is how we looked the last time I went to a non-alcoholic disco in the 7th grade :D Hahah, loving the Hello Kitty shirt! We had a blast at the party but unfortunately the 9th graders didn't behave so well, one boy was so drunk he got kicked out, but he got back in (through a window I've heard) and threw up in the teacher's room. At least that's the rumor :D so Disco's have been banned in that school ever since...


Work all day

First workday is over and I'll be working almost everyday this week, so goodbye sleeping late in the morning! Anyways, my workday was good, no big screw-ups, people coming in all day. I was a bit nervous 'cause I have never been working as a waitress before but I managed to learn everything quite quickly.

Now I'm just gonna chill at home, with some salad and a cider!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Yesterday's at Kata's was so much fun, we ate tortillas and watched last years eurovision and just laughed about everything, so thanks for having me!
Today I have something really exciting planned, me and Emppu are DJ-ing at my brother's school. I remember when I was young and I went to my cousin's disco at her school and it was so exciting getting ready and dancing with all the boys, aah good times!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wuthering Heights

So today I dragged my ass (ok no, it was fine since the weather was so lovely once again) to school 'cause someone wanted to buy some of my old schoolbooks. After that I went to town alone, ordered a ice-latte and sat in a cafe reading Wuthering Heights. I'm reading it for my university exam and yesterday I saw a tv-movie of it just to get a better grip of all the characters, and it certainly helped that Tom Hardy played the main character ;) I think it's pretty interesting so far, now that I'm getting to the part when all of the relationship drama begins! And besides it's a classic so it's about time I read it!

Anyways, I'm home now and soon I'm off to meet Kata, haven't seen her in a while so I'm excited!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vårens första dag

Today it really felt like spring is here finally! Sure, there's still snow on the ground but in the sun it was really warm, I could even wear my new leather jacket. Today me, Julle and Emppu went to town to find Emppu a dress fro graduation and me shoes. She found something and I didn't, but I had a lovely time. We even ate our first ice-creams this spring, yummy!
I also got to know my German exam scores and I was pleased, which means I'll definitely graduate in 2 months! JIPIII! I'll be celebrating that by throwing away all the unnecessary school papers I have in my folder :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy birthday bestfriend!

My best friend Julle is turning 19 today, so happy birthday to her! I went there today to give her her present and to eat some cake, and we talked about how turning 19 isn't exciting at all, so I guess from now on having your birthday isn't as exciting as it used to be.
 Then I also got a call from my work place and I'm starting there on Saturday, and then the flea-market called. We were supposed to collect our things yesterday but we thought our last day was today, so we went there in a hurry. I made 70-something euros so that's always a plus, and I also got rid of some o the things I never use!

Pic of me and julsbuls

Monday, April 1, 2013

One-piece Moday

So I've basically done nothing today except played pranks on people, I'm quite proud over how successful I've been since I've never really been successful before. Now I'm just waiting for my family to come home, I've been alone all day laying on the couch in my one-piece. Seriously  the best thing ever to wear when you're just laying at home doing nothing.
Yesterday I wore my new dress which I absolutely love, I don't really have a pic of it since I still haven't gotten my camera fixed... I should really do something about that, I'm a terrible blogger when I don't even have a functional camera!
Anyways, here's a pic from my Insta of how I looked yesterday!

I got kicked out of the bar yesterday!

The evening started of fine with Ella inviting me to her place, we just hung out, talked, listened to some music and drank. Then we were supposed to go to Forte but it was exceptionally for 20 year-olds and older (plus I hear the line was crazy long) so we went to Vegas instead. As soon as we got there there were these two guys trying to buy us drinks, but since I'm a good girl I told them my mom had always taught me not to take drinks from strangers so they eventually left us alone :)

Then we met Cristels brother and we basically hung out with them for the rest of the night. But then when we were on the dance-floor there was this annoying little blond girl who kept pushing me, even though there was plenty of room on he dance-floor. I asked her what her problem was and she literally started screaming at me and calling me bad names... so what did I do? I poured my drink on her. Ofcourse the guard saw that and very nicely escorted us both out of the bar and told us to stay out. So I wont be going there again I guess.

Haahaa did I fool ya?

Yeah I'm not nearly as bad-ass to pour my drink on someone, but since it's the one day in the year when you're allowed to prank people I thought a prank here on the blog would be perfect. So I obviously didn't get kicked out and I didn't pour my drink but everything else happened, it was a really nice evening and we ended up staying until the bar closed, so that's always successful?