Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter sunday

Woke up at 12 today and was shocked that I had been sleeping for so long but then I realized that we've shifted into summer time so the clocks we're moved an hour forward in the night. I drove to the flea-market, it looks like things are going pretty well there!
Today my grandma is coming here for dinner and I might go out with my friends, I really do want to go out! That's basically it, this "holiday" has been a bit more low-key when all of my friends have been somewhere else... Luckily we don't have school anymore so we have a lot of free time to spend together :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

New in

I went to Mylly with Emppu today to buy julle a birthday present and I ended up buying some stuff for myself as well. A leather jacket for spring, it looks soooo good and I can't wait for the weather to get warmer so that I can wear it! And then this really cool dress that I can't wait to wear also!
Now after eating yummy taco's with my dad I'm gonna have a chill night with some sauna and maybe some white wine!

Answering a question

Anonymous: What are you going to study? :)

Well, I'm applying to go studying English here in Turku, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up but English has definitely always been my strong point and it's the one subject in school that I love and that I'm good at. So I figured I'd give it a shot and see where it takes me. If I don't like it, I can always change my mind and study something else!

hahha :DD 

I definietly had a better Good Friday than Jesus

Hahaha, ok the title is maybe a bit cruel but I saw a post like this and it made me laugh!
So yesterday I was home alone since my dad was in Sweden with his team and my mom and little brother went to my Grandma's, so A came over here to watch a movie. We saw this one about two guys who go on a gay-cruise (hahah I know, sounds reeaally good) and then we saw taken. Liam Neeson is so badass in that movie! A stayed the night here, it was nice not having to sleep alone, specially since I have a bit of a trauma ever since I saw that dude looking in through my window!

Today I don't have anything special really planned, I'm going to the flea-market to check on our table and then I'll see if anyone is left in the city, I feel like all of my friends are somewhere... I'd really like to go out, we'll see!
Some pics from the last few days:

Friday, March 29, 2013

Crazy expensive!

Just chilling today at home, so I don't really have anything interesting to tell you... But yesterday was a lot of fun, I had the best time with Julle and Emppu in the movies and the film was good! (Not as good as the book but still!)
I also ended up buying my university-books that I have to read for the qualification exam.... Omg, 40 euros for a 200 page book? Crazy!
Pic from yesterday:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

the host

It's not even noon and I've already been to the flea-market and back, washed the dishes and vacuumed. Still have to go and get something to eat, and later tonight I'm going to the movies with my girls. Gonna go see the Host finally! I'm sooooo looking forward to it!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Been at home, been to the flea-market again, been watching Geordie Shore and now I'm waiting on Emppu to come home so I can hang with her.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Party and Practice

Been to training, the season is over so we didn't really have too many participants but we prety much just shot some hoops for 1,5 hours. Now I'm super tired, gonna go to sleep after a few episodes of Geordie Shore (my friends have gotten me hooked, it's a bad thing).

Two different outfits, one from practice and one from going to my cousins BDay party :)

Tell me about it, stud.

Woke up and the sun was shining, after lunch I took my bike out of our garage and drove to the flea-market. The road was still a bit rocky with all the ice and snow and it was a little bit cold
too at first, but it was nice to get out in the fresh air. And at the flea-market, a lot of stuff had already been sold!

Then I drove to julle's, where we watched Grease and just chilled :) We still knew all the lines from when we used to love this musical in like the fifth grade.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Yippie kay yay

It's been an up-and-down kinda day. Had my last exam, it went fine, not too good and not too bad, it's hard to say. But so happy it's over! Then me, julle, ella and kata went to the flea-market, some of the stuff was already sold as soon as we got there, I'm going there again tomorrow to see if people have bought anything :)
Ella wasn't feeling well so I drove her home and the rest of us went to mylly for some lunch and some window shopping. I had a great time with the girls!

Later I went to see the new Die Hard. The movie wasn't really that good but luckily I the company was a lot better :) And now I'm at home!
Btw, I spotted the pics from the abiparty on Friday on FB:

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Patrick the Starfish

It's been a sporty Sunday, beginning with a walk with the family while we had a house showing here, and then I also had the last game of this season. We had a terrible start but we worked our way up, unfortunately that wasn't enough so we lost by a few points.

Now I've taken a shower and eaten my chocolate kinder surprise egg that came with a really cute Patrick the starfish key chain! Just gonna chill and prepare for the last exam, German, that is tomorrow. I don't really have high expectations, I would be super pleased to get at least a C! Luckily my other exams have gone so good so one that isn't as good doesn't bother me.Besides I'm really looking forward to getting all my stuff to the flea-market, and later me and the girl are going to go and eat together to celebrate exams being over!
The keychain and me yesterday!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jos sä suostut, kun koira pyytää tanssimaan

So yesterday started with a really nice girls night out, I had a blast with Julle and Emppu, then we headed over to Börssi where the abiparty was at, saw a lot of people from our school but we ended up pretty much losing everybody in the crowd :D But me, Emppu and Oscar were dancing when suddenly everybody started to push forward towards the stage, so we pretty much just went with the crowd and me and Emppu ended up in the front row, right in the middle :D
We weren't even planning on seeing Karri Koira who was the artist, but since we got such a good view we saw the whole gig. It was really good (even though I only know two of his songs) but there was this metal chain separating the crowd from the stage and everybody kept pushing us forward so I basically have a bruise running through my belly :P It hurts but it was fun :)
And I didn't even have to take a taxi home 'cause Meri was kind enough to give me a lift, thank you!

Today I'm going to go see my cousin who turns 19 in a few days and then I'm just having a chill day at home :)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Bored and Blastin'

In celebration of me getting my Picasa to finally work, this is the result of blasting music at home alone. I'm bored, please someone come and entertain me!

Beam me up

I decided to go to the party, it'll be girls night today! Wiiiii so excited :)

I also took a nice little walk in the sunshine to the post office. I love that the sun is shining, I hate that it's freezing outside and there is still snow covering the ground. If it's like this when it's my birthday (which is in less than a month!) I'll lose my mind!
Here are some various party pics and good music to get into the part mode today ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

People help the people

I'm contemplating on weather or not to go to this abiparty tomorrow, I kinda feel like I want to go but then I'm worried it'll be too crowded, then again it's in a bar I have only been to once and it was really fun but then again the entrance fee is 10 euros... I don't know, I have to think about it.

Also, some more good music:

Enough to make my system blow

Today I've just been taking it easy (like every other day), also started putting tags on all the clothes I'm selling at the flea-market in Manhattan starting from next monday!

I've gotten back some of my exam results and I have to say I'm very pleased, I wasn't able to raise my English grade to the highest grade but the second highest is still very good so I'm happy. The only thing I absolutely don't have high hopes for is German, but hey, you can't be good at everything, right? I also got a third job interview, which I'm obviously not going too but it feels nice to know that I had a lot of places to choose from. It's weird how much easier it is to get a job when you have even a little bit of experience from before, it's like they say: In order to get some job experience you have to have job experience, it's like  a never ending circle!

Here's a pic from yesterday from my Instagram (@jasminlovely) and a song from a movie called "The Host" which is in theaters next week. I can't wait! The Host is one of my favorite books and the trailer looks really good :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Stuck in the house

I really don't have anything interesting to tell you, just been at home reading, eating and watching the Walking  Dead, waiting for julle to call so that I can leave this house that I have been stuck in for 3 days. Sorry for the boring post, I'll try to come up with something fun to write about later! Maybe I'll share a secret with you...? ;)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The world is smiling

Iiiih I'm so happy, I got my History results back and I got a really good grade, if you were to compare with last years results I would've gotten the second highest grade, but since the test was pretty easy my grade will probably drop... but I'm still very pleased!

That was all, waiting for my practice to begin now :) Here's an old picture for you:

Monday, March 18, 2013

Shortest horror story

Ugh, Mondays are the worst, even when your not in school! Today I began reading for my German exam that is in exactly a week from now, I'm glad my listening comprehension went as well as it did, makes learning a little bit easier knowing that the first part of the test wasn't a total disaster :)

Also I'm feeling a bit sick, cold all the time and my nose is running, nothing too serious but I'm hoping it doesn't become worse! And also, my picasa 3 editing program is acting up, it says that it can't open because of errors in loading the database? Help with this would be much appreciated! It might also be that my hard-drive is like 99 % filled, I really have to start deleting some of my pictures...
Speaking of pictures; both of our cameras are currently not working, so the lack of any other pictures than ones taken with the webcam or the phone is because of that! I really need to get that fixed as well...


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Yesterday was so much fun, I know I say that every time but it's just 'cause my friends are so awesome :) Even though some decided to be boring and not come at all (you know who you are), and even though it was just me and Cristel in the end going together I had a blast. And even though there was some shitty band playing it was still fun. And I saw a friend I haven't seen in probably two years so it was really fun seeing him!
We ended up staying at the bar until it closed so I guess you can say it was a successful night? Plus I loved sleeping in Cristel's mowgli sheets, we thought it was hilarious when we came home, everything seems funny at 5 o'clock in the morning!

Today we also visited my grandma, had some dinner and ice cream at her place and now I think I'll try to take a little nap to sleep this headache away.... ;)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


It's been such a good saturday so far!
Me and Ella went to pay for our table at the flea-market, can't wait to get rid of all the stuff I have piled up here at home. Then I got home and cleaned my room, since we have a house showing here tomorrow. It looks so nice and fresh now :)

Julle came here and we took a quick stop by mylly, I bought this really nice white dress that'll be perfect from spring! And later today I'm meeting up with my girls for some margaritas at Papu and we'll see where the evening continues :) I'll be sleeping over at Cristel's so I won't be blogging until later tomorrow. Have a nice weekend!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Addressing comments

I got these comments yesterday that I would like to address:

Anonymous Anonymous said...
arent you suppost to start moving to your own appartment instead of moving to a new place with your family?
Well, of course moving with my family means that I won't be able to move on my own for a couple of years. I might have days when it feels like I want to move in to a new apartment with my friends but I feel like the stress of moving on your own (specially if you've never lived on your own before) would be too much considering I have exams and university applications to fill out. Maybe in a couple of years when I've gotten used to the university life I'll think about taking the next step towards becoming independent :)

Anonymous Anonymous said...
c'mon if she has a big house and a room why would she move to a shitty apartment..... besides she would be near to her school
Hahha, yes a big house and a big rooms sound nice, and I do live very close to my school so travelling by bus or bike in the summer isn't an issue! I do really look forward to moving in with roommates but that is something that I'll have to think about more in the future :)Ofc, people are all different, some might move out earlier than others, but no, I'm not planning on being a 30 year old who still lives at home XD
 Btw, I'm really glad somebody has taken the time to comment!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Very exciting news!!!

I haven't really been able to write about this since I didn't want to say anything before it was a done deal but...

We've bought a house, we're moving! It's a lot bigger and I'm excited to be able to get a bigger room where all of my stuff will fit (although I am throwing a lot of it away or selling it at the flea-market!) My room is actually the only one the real estate woman didn't take a picture of XD whatever, I like my room, it has character but a bigger room is really what I need! Anyways, in about 2 months we'll hopefully be living in a new house! It's only 5 minutes away from here so it isn't even that bad, but I'm excited!

Ok, now I have to get ready for my game tonight, wish me luck!
Hhahah oh gof, this is a picture of mine and julle's 17th birthday party, good memories.... My room doesn't look like that anymore though, I don't have a wall full of posters and my bed in the other way and the windows are white... that's btw the window that man was looking at me from, I'm happy to get away from that!!

Do it yourself

Ah it's been such a good day!

I woke up, made myself some brunch, watched Halloween for some reason and then I was of to the bank for some errands (I felt so grown-up going there). Had an ice-coffee, got a lift home from my dad, then I fixed my favorite sunglasses that have been broken for a year now and I decorated these shorts that have a permanent stain on them with some lace to cover it up and I love the result! I can't wait for summer to come so that I can wear them :)))

Oh and yesterday I also watched the 80's romcom "Say Anything", all of you who haven't seen it should!
1. Me today morning, looking fresh to death, 2. John Cusack holding a boombox, nothing says I love you more than that!, 3. Me before going to the bank

1. The sunglasses I fixed, they're my Aunt's old ones and vintage, 2. The shorts

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

So done

Yesssss, no more History reading, the test wasn't impossible and my hand was literally hurting after almost 5,5 hours of writing essays. Now I'm just chilling until monday, when I have to start preparing for the German exam....
But before that it's weekend and maybe we'll come up with something fun to do, hopefully, not keen on staying home now that the worst part of the exams is over :)

In about a month it's my birthday (boo, I'm getting so old, there's nothing exciting about turning 19 :D Ok I kid, it's always exciting to have your birthday) and here are some of the things I'm hoping to get (or to buy for myself)

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Let me tell you something about me...

... right now I'm on this 20 day teeth-whitening program, my Aunt got me these strips all the way from the States that you wear on your teeth for 30 minutes everyday. I should've probably taken  before/after pictures but I think I can see some progress!
... I try to do 100 sit-ups everyday
... I have to have a glass of water by my bed, this is a habit I have picked up from julle, thank you very much!
... I have a really big urge to travel somewhere with my friends, specially since watching all the videos/pictures I have from Rhodos
... I like living in Turku (technically i live in Raisio) and I don't see myself moving anywhere (at least yet)
... I don't want to move to USA, I've been there about 15 times and I've come to the conclusion that Americans are way too dramatic for me, sorry :D
... I hate Nicholas Cage for some reason
... I have A LOT of embarrassing pictures of my friends, Blackmail material ;) JK, I'm sure they have a lot of pictures of me too :DD

Ready to explode in three, two...

I've been repeating the history of the world all day and I feel like my head is exploding :D But now the three week studying is over, and I just have to go to school tomorrow with the attitude that I'll do my best :)

Monday, March 11, 2013

The ugly and the crazy

aaaw, I just looked through my rhodos pictures, man that was a crazy and super awesome week and I want to go back SOO BAAD! Anyways, here are some of the not-so-flattering pictures, but I just had to share!

Trying to make a heart shape... big fail