Sunday, December 30, 2012

Satellite Heart

BTW, here's a video of me and my cousin singing Satellite Heart by Anya Marina on Christmas eve :)

Last day

Just had my last waffles and bagels for breakfast, today we're packing up and heading home :( Although I will miss my family, that I only see once or twice a year, I know I have all my friends waiting for me at home! The good thing with the internet is that you can keep in touch with them so effortlessly!

Last night we had dinner att Smoeky Bones, their ribs were delicious!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Year 2012

This is what I have done for the last couple of years when New Year's is coming, so here you go: My year 2012 in short! (Ok it's pretty long...)

Spent my first days of 2012 here in Lighthouse point and came home to find my crazy friends waiting for me
Had a girls night with my teammates, I miss them!
Gammeldans was epic...
... and so was the afterparty...
... and the cruise...
... and Himos, where we went with all my friends!
Emppu turned 18!
went bowling with my friends
bought tickets to WEEKEND (coming later...)
Had pyjama day in school
Julle and I turned 18 and we celebrated with a party at our house... well actualy, I wasn't 18 yet, I was turning a week or so later :P

Went out for the first time, and I wasn't completely 18 yet... But I had a great time with Julle, Johanna and Emppu!
Black and white party, I broke the dresscode
I turned 18!
We went out partying... just a little bit :D

and work at Veritas with julle started
Used my crying neighbor as an art project, lol 

celebrated the first of May, aka. Vappu
went to a fancy fashion show with julle :D
Emppu got her driver's license before me and she loved driving me around
we waited for the summer to start, luckily we could go sun tan in between classes
I got my license !
went to a wedding
End of the schoolyear party
Picked up Ansku who had been gone a year, it was very emotional :D
Started working at Moominworld, and I was so sick, turned out it was Mono and it was not fuN!
played beerpong
went to Karkki keskiviikko a few times ;)
to the beach
celebrated Midsummer with family & friends
... and just celebrated life :)
... kake... with Essi who has become such a good friend!
went to Sarkanniemi which started out with the car breaking down but we got there and it was so much fun! I think I can still hear Sofie screaming.. :P
Went to Ruisrock and had the best time, it was in my opinion the best Ruissi I have been to :)
Had fun with friends from work
I feel like all I keep saying is I had fun but I just had so much fun this summer! Jeppisdagarna was epic
went to Down by the Laituri and celebrated Kata turning 18!
went to Rhodos.. I guess I don't have to explain how awesome it was!
Weekend was at times so good and at times awful, but still, memories for life!

celebrated Heidi turning 18
cut bangs!
TJ100 (100 schooldays left) and some really ugly clothes... poor Ansku had to eat school food when we had pizza :P
Yolo XDD

Went to Lintsi with Saara and Elina :)

I sang in school

took schoolpictures
Went to jeppis where I always have such a good time!
Halloween in school and party
Played with a new team!
Our musical that we worked so hard on was a success!
celebrated little Christmas with friends
And now I'm here! Wow, that was a loooong post... but so awesome! I feel blessed having all these wonderful moments with great people. Thank you, I love you and I hope 2013 will be even better!