Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I copied this from Anskus blog!

1. Klädstil? Varifrån får du din inspiration?
2. Vart skulle du helst och vart skulle du aldrig RESA till?
3. Ärligt talat, vad skulle du göra om du hittade en hundra-lapp på gatan? 
4. Favoritmat?
5. Om du vore en kändis, vem skulle du vilja vara?
6. Berätta om en konstig dröm du kommer ihåg.
7. Drömjobb?
8. Om du bara hade en dag kvar att leva, vad skulle du göra på 24 timmar?
9. Vilken låt lyssnade du på senast?
10. Bussen kör förbi dig. Vad gör du?
11. 5 bilder du gillar på ;

1. Sence of style? Where do you get your inspiration?
Well, I usually don't follow fashion that closely, I just buy stuff I like. So I don't know... right now I like comfy sweater, ankle-socks with plumps and big scarfs for the fall!

2. Where would you like to travel the most and the least?
I definitely want to go back to Thailand some day, I had a wonderful time there. Anywhere warm really, with my friends! O probably wouldn't go like to Sibiria or some place really cold... I like it warm when I travel. I also haven't really traveled in Europe so I'd like to go to Paris and London!

3. Speaking truthfully, what would you do if you found 100 euros on the street?
Probably keep it, if I didn't see anyone dropping it in front of me, I would give it to that person. If it was a lot of money I'd turn it in to the police, wouldn't want to get into any trouble :)

4. Favorite food?
Normally I'd say tacos, but I feel like it's a bit of a boring answer, so I'll say chinese food (yum) and my dads chicken & sweet potatoes!

5. If you were a celebrity, who would you be?
I've answered this before. Someone super rich, really famous, kinda funny who people hate and love at the same time, and has a lot of influence. Plus, he is responsible for 1D ;) Simon Cowell!

6. Tell us about a weird dream you remember.
I have seen a lot of weird dreams. One time I had a dream that me and some of my friends were hanging at our place, then some lady who I knew in the dream came to knock on our door. Then she said, that her son Konsta had died (I don't know anyone named Konsta). I just started crying hysterically and the dream ended.

7. Dream job?
Writing or being a journalist. And singing.

8. If you had one day to live, what would you do?
I'd spend it with my family and friends at my home, 'cause I guess it's where I feel most relaxed. I'd have a party with great food and music, yeah, that's what I think I would want to do!

9. What song did you last listen to?
From my Ipod I think it was Silver Moon by Donkey boy but I was watching SNL and Coldplay was the musical artist so Paradise.

10. The bus drives by, what do you do?
Curse in my head, think about how mean bus drivers are and catch the next bus.

11. 5 pictures you like from Weheartit!

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