Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Foam Party

Okay so yesterday, as I said earlier, we celebrated Vappu, Valborgsafton in Finland. It's a really big thing here and the town in crawling with people, it's pretty crazy! We started of at julle's where we ate really delicious food. We were all stuffed by the time we were supposed to go to Vårdis, which is a park in Turku. At Vårdis we met a lot of people we knew, and about after two hours we went to Amarillo.

We danced, and they had this huge "pool" with foam, and they were spraying foam on people. So ofcourse me and Emppu went there and we were soaking wet. There was foam all over the place, afterwards we just went to the bathroom and basically took a shower. But it was fun, everybody should go to a foam party at least once in their life!

At about 2.30 we were feeling a bit tired so we decided to go home. And the taxi line was about 100 meters long. Luckily we spotted our bus and got home safely! So that was my Vappu, I had a lot of fun. Today I'm just chilling with the family :)
Here are some crappy IPod pics :P

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