Thursday, April 19, 2012

Word's cant even explain...

... how annoyed I am right now. This day has been like a rollercoaster. First I went to school at 8, only to figure out I don't actually have a lesson, so I could've slept for 2 more hours!Well I slept for a while and went to town, bought a coffee. Then I had my driving lesson which went really well, and a small concert for the pupils at our school and we got a lot of great feedback.

So naturally I was feeling nervous but also kinda good about my theory test that I had. I go to the test, and look at the questions and some of them.. I was just guessing the answers! The questions felt so irrelevant to what is important to learn. So I got the results: I had ONE (!) too many mistakes! ONE! I was so pissed and so disappointed, because every time I had rehearsed I had had at a maximum 2 mistakes, and you get to have 3. So now I have to take the test again... FML. Oh well, what can I do? And ofc I have to remember that I'm not the only one who has failed the test, just so annoying that it was only one mistake. It was just so close!

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