Friday, April 6, 2012


Goood morning! So, so so very happy about not going to school. Yesterday we just chilled out and watched the Vow, it was quite ok, and as soon as these other girls wake up we'll have to start cleaning the house.

But now for the challenge I started quite a long time ago, and the next question would be: Give three compliments to three different people!

Ok I'll start with Johanna ('cause she's standing right next to me :P)
I always have such a great time with Johanna, she's really fun and sweet and just a really good friend. Even though I only see her a few times a year she's one of my dearest friends!

Then Ella you can always talk with, and actually I was just speaking with julle about this but when you really want a reasonable answer that makes sense, ella has the answer. She's so smart and loyal :)
Kata is also really smart, and pretty, cute and funny. She's the one of my friends who really knows how to make others feel good about themselves. I love the fact that even though she seems so sweet on the outside, she can at times be the scariest person in the wold (with a kitchen knife for example!)

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