Sunday, April 8, 2012

10 interesting facts

Now Johanna is gone, we had such a great time, really, this weekend was awesome but now I'm really tired :D We went to eat Chinese food since the place that we were originally going to was closed.

I'll continue on my list, but I'm gonna do it in random order!

10 interesting facts about myself:

1. I already did this list like a few months ago so I'm finding it really hard to come up with anything interesting and original.
2. I've read my favorite book probably 8 or 9 times
3. I hate Nicholas Cage (don't know why, but he just annoys me a lot!)
4. I'm not a very sensitive person, some might think I'm mad at them or don't like them but usually that's not the case, I'm just not that good at showing emotions
5. I've never had a house pet
6. Right now I have a bit of obsession over One Direction and Josh Hutcherson (yeah yeah, even though I'm almost 18!)
7. I'm turning 18 in exactly 10 days :)
8. I hate it when people have really poorly made power points in school, it drives me crazy!
9. I've always tried having a diary but it hasn't really worked out (but this blog is in a way a diary, i guess?)
10. One of the funniest shows I'm following right now is new girl, check it out!

Me in my bed right now, so tired :P

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