Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jump in

Hello, my day today has consisted of the last day of this period in school, HALLELUJAH! Now I only have 4 tests left and we're a little bit closer to my birthday and summer of course.

In school we tried on our abi-clothes (abiturients (?) are what the oldest in our school are called, so that's us (well next year it will be...)) and first I thought i would just order like a sweater and sweatpants but I decided not to be boring and ordered a jump in instead! aand then we had P.E which left me with a pain in my lower back and then I went home to read on my German test that's tomorrow... oh and I bought a really cute dress as well! And then I had practice and now I'm home. And the weather was sooo nice today, ah!

Yeah, my obsession with the Hunger Games keeps getting bigger and bigger... I tried to look for the book as well but it's sold out everywhere, guess I'll just order it online.

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