Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Well today has been a really good day! First I had my German test which I thought went fine, some words that I didn't know but otherwise fine. Then I chilled with my friends in town, bought this cute black skirt from hm, The shopping center in Turku, Hansa, had a grand opening of a new part of the mall, and it was really nice! It had a cute food court and some new shops, like Cubus. So we went to cubus and since we we're some of the first in the store we got a 10 euro gift card, so I bought 2 pairs of earrings! Also in the pic below the dress I told about earlier this week! :)

Then I had my driving lesson which went really well, I got to drive outside the city where the speed limit is higher so I got to drive a little bit faster which was fun. When I came home i went to book my theory test for my drivings license but there was some difficulty with the computer so I'll have to go there again on friday, it took an hour waiting for someone to even COME to the place where my driving school is, luckily I had emppu to keep me company. Yeah, then I went home and read to my psychology test so I've been really effective today!

Oh and here are the official pic from my Gammeldans with my partner :)

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