Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fingers crossed

So today I felt pretty sick so I didn't go to school, except for the last lesson because we had to write an essay. After school I hung out with julle and emppu for a while and then I just went home. And I'm extremely nervous, I'm checking my e-mail constantly to see if I've gotten a reply from the working place that I'm applying for. I was there last year so I hope they'll hire me this year as well... Keeping my fingers crossed. I can not afford to be broke this summer so I really really hope I get a job!

Yup, that was about it. The weekend is coming, it's gonna be pretty chill. Tomorrow I'm thinking of maybe going to the movies with my friends, on saturday I'm babysitting and watching the swedish "eurovision" final and on sunday I'll be in salo playing some basketball.

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