Monday, February 13, 2012


Sorry for not blogging this weekend, all I can say about it that it was eventful and dramatic, so I feel pretty emotionally drained right now! 

Today I'm feeling pretty sick which is NOT good, gammeldans in 4 days away and I feel exhausted after walking up the stairs, I definitely don't want to be sick right now. Today I had my 2nd driving lesson, it went well, then I went to school just to realize I don't have any classes, so I went home instead. Now I'm just laying on the sofa and watching tv, I have a game today but I'm obviously not going. Tomorrow we were also supposed to go to Himos with school but I don't think a day in the slopes will help my cold. 

Well, this has been a pretty negative post but I'm trying to think of all the fun stuff, like gammeldans, our cruise and 4 days in Himos with my friends :)

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