Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fun times

Busy day today, school, ice skating for gym, driving school, realizing all the stuff I still have to do like

1) Prepare a speech (like for a wedding or birthday) that will be held on Thursday in school, the speech is going to be filmed and analysed by the whole class!!!!
2) Write 2 text, an essay about a subject that I don't know yet and a shorter about how I've improved as a speaker. OH almost forgot: write an essay where I analyse the play I went to see last week!
3) Start and finish Anskus birthday present (which will be awesome!!)
4) English, Math, Mother Tongue, German and History tests next week (and the week after that)
5) Driving school
6) Pay for driving school, two trips to himos, our new basketball warm up shirts, Gammeldans cruise...

I think you get my point. I've got lots going on, A LOT! And all of this (almost all of it) is due next week, fun times!

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