Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crazy Cleaning

Hey hey hey, today I've had a normal school day, after school I had driving school, the teacher wasn't the same as yesterday and the dude we had today seemed you know, like he's a nice guy and all but he skipped some slides from the powerpoint that he found useless, he was missing a thumb and he told us that one of his old students had sat in JAIL for a traffic felony!? I hope he's not my personal driving instructor!

The when I got home I suddenly had this crazy urge to clean my room (Crazy, because that urge doesn't come very often...) and I even re-organized it a bit. I got so annoyed when my closets were just overflowing with clothes, so I moved like a bar that you can hang clothes on in my room, and it fits perfectly! Sorry for the poor webcam picture, it looks a lot better IRL!

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