Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Answer Time!

School, coffee with Nikke, soon driving school... I thought I would take this time to answer the questions you left on my Question time post!
First a pretty picture I took on the way home:
How would you describe your style, clothing, ect?
Well, I don't follow fashion that much or anything, I just like to wear stuff I think looks cute, ofc in the summer I'll ear "lighter" and more colorful clothes and in the winter I usually wear darker stuff. I really like skirts and I've sort of had this glitter phase now I guess :P Here are a few clothing inspired pics I just took!

If you would have to choose only one tv show that you would follow, what would it be? And why?
Wow this is a hard one because I watch a LOT of shows and I have many favorites. Usually I would say maybe Supernatural, but recently I have found my long lost inner Gleek (thanks to the Glee Project) so I would have to say Glee (for now atleast!)
What id the one thing in life you would never do?
Probably Bungy-jumping, I'm terrified of heights!

What is your favorite season?
Well, summer is ofc everyone's favorite but I really like spring as well, since it's my birthday, the wetter is getting warmer but you can still wear jeans and jackets, you feel that anticipation rising 'summer is here soon' and all your hard work in school is finally coming to an end! And Vappu is in spring!
 What kind of music is your favorite music?
Well, I don't really have a specific type of music that I like the most, I usually just like different songs but usually Pop/Rock/Indie/RnB, u name it... here are some of my alltime favorites from the different genres!

How did you meet your boyfriend? Tell us your love story!
Well I've sort of known him since he's been in the same school as me, just two grades above me, but after the school party at the beginning of the school year he started talking to me in fb, we went on some dates and now we've been together for 4 months :)


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