Sunday, January 22, 2012

20 Days

Saw this on Anskus blog ( so I'm stealing it! Heehee!

Day 1- A picture of me + 10 things you don't know about me
Day 2- My family
Day 3- A fun and memorable night
Day 4- A picture of me from a year ago
Day 5- What I have in my purse
Day 6- My favorite season and why?
Day 7- 5 thing I couldn't live without
Day 8- This makes me cry
Day 9- A picture of me with different colored hair
Day 10- My favorite movie
Day 11- What I ate today
Day 12- What type of boys do I like
Day 13- My friends
Day 14- A picture of me today and what I'm wearing
Day 15- My favorite tv show
Day 16- Someone who always makes me feel good
Day 17- My favorite blogs
Day 18- A bad habit of mine
Day 19- A person who I would want to switch lives with- for a day!
Day 20- Why I write a blog

Day 1:
1. I don't like movies that are only about animals (like free willy or lassie)
2. I read A LOT of blogs, I'm a bit of a stalker
3. Lately I've become a little bit obsessed over the glee project and Damian Mcginty...
4. I really want summer to come already!
5. My friends say I look like an elf?!
6. My favorite subjects in school are Mother tongue and English (and Music)
7. I really don't understand what the fuzz is about One Direction, I don't think they're THAT special
8. I have more readers from USA than from Finland
9. You'll know I'm sad when I don't sing along to a song I know (or I'm just tired)
10. When I feel stressed, I like to go to practice and work out, it's the best feeling!

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