Saturday, March 5, 2011


Just saw a finnish documentary, 'Reindeerspotting', which tell's about a 19-year old guy Jani from Rovanniemi, Finland who is addicted to drugs. He usually used this drug called Subutex. Wow, I can't remember when I last felt this... horrible after a movie. He just looked sick when he was on drugs, all the things he had to go through to get some money to buy drugs. And most of the time he got in to trouble because he owed money to someone, somebody even cut his 2 fingers of with an AXE because he hadn't payed...

And then he talked about getting out of Rovanniemi, out of Finland to start a new life. Sadly he took his own life not long ago when he was visiting Kambodza...

Anyway, even if you should be 18 to see it I think it has a really powerful message about what drugs do to you. If you have a weak stomach this is definitely not a movie for you.

Alright, i'm going to bed.

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