Thursday, March 3, 2011


Actually found this picture-thing that has been going around in different blog and since I LÖÖVE to take pics I figured I could do it here to. So basically everyday you put a different different on your blog and the theme of the pics are:

Pic 1- someone you hang out with a lot.
Pic 2- A picture of yourself
Pic 3- A picture of someone from your family
Pic 4- A picture from a weird time of your life
Pic 5- An old pic of you
Pic 6- A pic of someone you haven't seen in a long time
Pic 7- A pic you've never publiced
Pic 8- A person you miss
Pic 9- Your relative
Pic 10- Someone you think is really nice
Pic 11- Someone you tell EVERYTHING
Pic 12- A picture of your everyday life
Pic 13- You and your classmate
Pic 14- A pic that reminds you of the good old days
Pic 15- a picture of someone you want to be with
Pic 16- A picture of yourself
Pic 17- An unusual picture
Pic 18- A picture from of free-time
Pic 19- A picture of someone you think is HOT!
Pic 20- A picture of the people closest to you
Pic 21- A picture of someone who always stands up for you.
Pic 22- A picture of a time you miss.
Pic 23- A picture from the summer
Pic 24- A pic that makes you happy
Pic 25- A picture of someone who always makes you happy.
Pic 26- A picture of someone you always have fun with
Pic 27- A picture that always makes me laugh
Pic 28- A crazy picture.
Pic 29- The newest pic of you
Pic 30- Someone you're never gonna give up!

OK, pic-a-rama starts tomorrow :)

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