Monday, March 7, 2011

Pic 4- A picture from a weird time of your life

well, this was difficult 'cause my life isn't that weird but I have to sayy... When I was totally hooked to this Japanese show :'D Yeah, it's a show we discovered in Thailand with Jennica. Every day at about 5 pm after a loong day at the beach and a relaxing shower we sat in our robes with towel-turbans and watched Hana Kimi. We didn't really understand anything because the show was in japanese and the subtitles were thai, but we got totally hooked. Then when I came home I found the show on the net with english subtitles so now I know what it's all about :P

Basically it's like a love triangle between a girl Mizumi and two boys, Sano and nakatsu, who all go to an all-boys school (the girl is dressed up as a boy) and Mizumi is in love with Sano and he know's she's a girl but Nakatsu doesn't and he's also in love with her so he thinks he's gay :DDD It's really random but fun and I love it!
Me watching Hana Kimi in Thailand 

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